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Oracle database installation upgrades and patches

  • Migrating Oracle from NT to Windows 2003

    I need to migrate Oracle 7.3, currently running on Windows NT, to Windows Server 2003 and later to Oracle9i. Is it possible to do and how? Continue Reading

  • Using DBUA for RAC databases

    I need to upgrade a RAC 9.0.X database to RAC 9.2.X. The upgrade guide doesn't seem to have the info I need for using the Database Upgrade Assistant for RAC databases. When I start DBUA and select the db to be upgraded, I get an "ORA-01034: Oracle ... Continue Reading

  • Sudden appearance of ORA-12560

    I used to be working fine with my database, but one day suddenly it sent me the message that there was a shutdown in progress. I corrected the problem, but now I get the message ORA-12560. What can I do? I've checked and the service for the database... Continue Reading

  • Cannot install into existing Oracle home

    I am installing Oracle Enterprise Edition 10g software on a Solaris Sparc server. There is exisiting Oracle 9i software installed in the same ORACLE_BASE. At the command line I type export ORACLE_HOME=/oracle/10g and then start the install. It makes... Continue Reading

  • White papers on upgrades?

    I need Oracle apps DBA interview questions and answers, as well as white papers on upgrades in Oracle apps and migration topics. Continue Reading

  • Upgrading to 10g on Unix Server

    We are going to upgrade from Oracle9i to Oracle 10g on Unix Server. Are there any precautions we should take before migration, and what methods should we follow?Continue Reading

  • Migrating with MatrixOne software

    I want to migrate Oracle8i to Oracle9i using MatrixOne software. Can you please tell me how I can do that?Continue Reading

  • Error in writing to file

    While installing Oracle9i Standard Edition I received the following error: "Error in writing to file d:oracleora90assistantstemplatesTransaction_Processing.dfj." After ignoring this I installed the software but I can't connect to the database with ...Continue Reading

  • End of file on communication channel

    I had to uninstall Oracle9i and reinstall it again, and during that process I encountered a TNS error, but I continued with the installation. After that I logged into PL/SQL to execute some scripts. After the execution it gave an 'end of file on ...Continue Reading

  • Opening database at startup

    I want to open the Oracle database instance at startup -- I have Oracle8i on a Windows 2000 server. The Oracle database service is already at the startup and it is starting automatically, but the database I have to open manually from the db-studio ...Continue Reading

  • Dedicated or shared server mode?

    Where can I find the best resources on Oracle9i installation? While creating a new database after a new installation, which mode do I select, "dedicated server" or "shared server"? The number of clients will be 10 maximum for my application. Is ...Continue Reading

  • Migrating to Oracle 9.2 on AIX

    I have to do a migration from Oracle 7.3.4 to Oracle 9.2 and Oracle 8.1.6 to Oracle 9.2 on an AIX4.3 server to AIX5.3 on a different machine. Please give me a detailed step-by-step procedure to achieve both the processes.Continue Reading

  • Migrate to base release first?

    I would like to know how to migrate from Oracle8i ( to Oracle9i ( Do I have to first do a migration to the Oracle9i base release ( and from here apply a patch (for Or is there a better way to do this task?Continue Reading

  • Error in writing to directory

    I am getting an error message while I am trying to install Oracle9i on my Windows XP machine. It gives me the error message "Oracle Universal Installer: Error in writing to directory. Please ensure that this directory is writable and has at least ...Continue Reading

  • No longer able to log in to SQL*Plus

    I had installed Oracle9i four or five months back and was using SQL*Plus for writing queries. After that I did a few other installations and uninstalls for other software, and after many days I tried to enter SQL*Plus but am not able to log in. ...Continue Reading