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Oracle database installation upgrades and patches

  • Is just a patched version of

    We are upgrading our Oracle DB from 8i to 9i. Our testing was done with, but now a different group in our company has found a problem and is going to My questions: Is just a patched version of When was ... Continue Reading

  • Info on starttype option

    I am running and am wondering how to tell if the stsrttype=srvc,inst. The registry key ORA_<instance>_AUTOSTART=TRUE for each instance on the box and the ORA_<instance>_pfile points to the appropriate pfile for each DB. Is ... Continue Reading

  • 9i install hangs at 23%

    My Oracle 9i rel 2 ( on Windows XP Pro hangs at 23% trying to install OLTP starter database. Can someone help with this issue? Continue Reading

  • Configuring RAC on Windows laptop

    I would like to configure Oracle 9i RAC on my Windows XP laptop. I already have three 9i personal instances running on there. I do not have any external hard drive. Let me know how to go about this. Continue Reading

  • Import failing

    I have tried importing five times using Telnet, and I have received the below message every time, even though I have exported succesfully again using the same Telnet login to the database server. Then importing resulted in the same message. The DB ... Continue Reading

  • Packet writer failure

    I am getting this error: "ORA-12571: TNS:Packet writer failure." The problem does not happen all the time. The sqlnet.ora file only says "sqlnet.expire_time = 5."Continue Reading

  • Files are in use by another application

    I have the same problem as already reported earlier on your Web site: "I am trying to install Oracle patch to Oracle I keep getting error messages that say some files that need to be changed are in use by another application. I ...Continue Reading

  • No errors in tnsnames.ora file

    While connecting to the database through Toad or SQL*Plus, the "TNS name could not be resolved" error is appearing. After checking the TNSNames.ora file, I confirmed that there is no error in it. What could be other possibilities for this error ...Continue Reading

  • Error when trying to connect through SQL*Plus or Oracle Net Manager

    I installed Oracle client on a Win2K computer. I want to connect to Oracle Database in another computer. I get this error when I connect using SQL*Plus: "ORA-12535: TNS:operation timed out." I tried to use Oracle Net Manager to connect to the ...Continue Reading

  • Java Run Time error when installing Oracle8i on Windows 2003

    When installing Oracle8i EE on Windows 2003 Server, I got the message "Java Run Time Environment not found at %/jre/win32/bin/jrenw.exe." Hence I installed JRE1.1.8 but it didn't solve the problem.Continue Reading

  • Not able to connect with Covus

    We are using a third-party tool (Covus -- used for document labeling). Covus will work with Oracle Client 8.1.7. So I installed Oracle Client 8.1.7 and then Oracle Forms 6i. I am able to connect to Forms and Toad. But when I try to connect to Covus...Continue Reading

  • Need higher JRE version?

    I am trying to run the Oracle Universal Installer (version 10) on a Solaris 10 box and get the following error: "The Java RunTime Environment was not found at bin/java. Hence, the Oracle Universal Installer cannot be run. Please visit http://...Continue Reading

  • Problems encountered during upgrade to 10g

    I'm trying to upgrade from Oracle to Oracle 10g. Can you please tell me the problems I'm likely to encounter during upgrade?Continue Reading

  • OIP-00005 error

    We are migrating our client from Oracle 8.5 to Oracle 9.2. On executing one of the procedures, we receive the following error: "OIP-00005 (Variable is not a)."Continue Reading

  • Upgrading Oracle on Red Hat

    We have Oracle running on Red Hat AS 2.1. We are considering upgrading the operating system to Red Hat AS 3.0 or Red Hat AS 4.0. Oracle appears to be certified on Red Hat AS 3.0 but I'm not sure if there are any steps that need to ...Continue Reading