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The Oracle/Sun deal

Find all the stories related to Oracle's acquisition of Sun Microsystems.

Oracle-Sun deal

After months of speculation, Oracle announced April 20 that it will acquire Sun Microsystems. The software giant will buy Sun for $9.50 a share, which is more than the $7 billion offer that IBM reportedly withdrew only a couple of weeks earlier. Stay tuned to for all the latest news, analysis and reaction on Oracle's latest acquisition.

Latest news on the Oracle/Sun deal  

Oracle gains the EC’s approval to acquire Sun: After three months of intense investigations, the European Commission gave its unconditional approval to Oracle’s proposed acquisition of Sun, opening up a new chapter in the company’s history.

Oracle-Sun, deal done, channel shakeout expected: Sun VARs worry about renewal revenue, Oracle VARs fear more competition.

Oracle president touts Sun buy, new releases of Beehive, AIA: Charles Phillips told attendees at Collaborate '09 that the acquisition of Sun will help Oracle provide a full range of technology.

Oracle to buy Sun Microsystems After IBM dropped out of the bidding, Oracle stepped up with a $7.4 billion offer for Sun Microsystems.

Sun shops prefer Oracle to IBM, but worries persist An Oracle-owned Sun Microsystems leaves customers wondering about the fate of Sun's hardware and open source software portfolio.

Sun tweaks tape platform while waiting for Oracle to take over Sun says its commitment to mainframe tape is "unwavering," although Oracle will determine the platform's future. Brings out VSM5e virtual tape library (VTL) and other enhancements.

Java side of Sun seen strengthened by Oracle buy - whither MySQL? Database giant Oracle's plan to buy Sun could lead to a stronger position for Java software in the enterprise. At the same time, developers and others voice concerns over the fate of MySQL, the open-source database that would become part of the Oracle portfolio if the deal gets final approval.

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Q&A: IOUG president sounds off on Oracle-Sun deal talks with IOUG president Ian Abramson about Oracle's Sun Microsystems acquisition, including the IOUG's take on the deal and how it will affect Oracle users.

Oracle-Sun deal could trigger Oracle license agreement inspections With approval of the Oracle-Sun deal expected this summer, IT shops, particularly those with mission-critical products from both companies, are bracing for closer scrutiny of their Oracle license agreements.

Will Sun help Oracle eclipse IBM? With its acquisition of Sun, Oracle is now positioned to fight IBM in every market from chips to business process management.

Hardware losses doomed Sun but Linux hurt too Sun's hardware losses were the primary cause of its decline and subsequent purchase by Oracle, but Linux and many Sun missteps contributed to its downfall.

Oracle-Sun combo: What does it mean for enterprise Java? Oracle's $7.4-billion offer to buy Java-originator Sun Microsystems re-arranges the enterprise Java landscape, but does not greatly disrupt the status quo, viewers say.

Oracle-Sun acquisition raises MySQL, hardware concerns The $7.4 billion Oracle of Sun Microsystems leaves IT pros wondering about Oracle's long-term plans for software and hardware.

Analysts see Oracle-Sun deal as storage 'game changer' Oracle's plan to deliver systems "from application to disk" will have it competing with its biggest storage partners, according to industry experts.

In Oracle-Sun deal, analysts predict identity management fallout As a combined company, Oracle and Sun Microsystems will be the No. 1 enterprise identity management vendor, but analysts say consolidating and unifying the product portfolio could be a painful process for customers.

VARs turn wary eye on Sun-Oracle combo Partners aren't crazy about a match between Sun and Oracle, but Sun needed to do something to avoid certain extinction.

Living in a three company world Read our predictions from last month about the persistent rumors involving IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Oracle, who all showed interest in buying Sun Microsystems -- and how the possibility of a three vendor IT world seems more possible.

Will Oracle Sun(set) OpenSolaris? Most think not According to ComputerWorld's Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, "OpenSolaris is on its way out" once the Oracle-Sun acquisition is complete. Simply put: Oracle already has a Linux-based operating system, Unbreakable Linux, and will have no use for another open source operating system. Well, maybe too simply put.

How will Oracle do when the chips are down? The good thing about Sun canceling development of its 16-core Rock processor means Oracle now has one less set of multi-core servers to fret over with its cores vs. processor licensing policy. The bad news is the new Oracle will come to battle with a few less bullets.

'MySQL is not going to die,' Collaborate speaker claims One question has been on everyone's minds since Oracle announced its acquisition of Sun Microsystems: What is the future of MySQL now that it's in the hands of Oracle?  


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What IBM thinks about Oracle buying Sun InfoWorld's Eric Knoor talks to Steve Mills, IBM's top software exec, about the Oracle-Sun deal, Amazon's infrastructure-on-demand business, the state of SOA, and more.

Does Red Hat Need Hardware White Knight After Oracle-Sun? With its acquisition of Sun giving Oracle contol of the Solaris operating system, Red Hat and its Enterprise Linux might well become the less-favored stepchild in the expanded – and extended – Oracle family.

Oracle buys Sun: When strategic vendors go bye-bye This decade has seen a lot of consolidation among both software and hardware vendors. But today's context is different. The Sun acquisition could bring hope or despair into many CIOs lives, depending on how it plays out.

Bye-bye MySQL, Bye-bye: Buried Alive By Oracle If you were still wondering what Oracle was going to do with its newly acquired MySQL database, the answer just arrived in my email inbox: Oracle plans to trash-talk MySQL to death.

Oracle-Sun: A threat to VMware? The real legacy of the Oracle-Sun acquisition could be its effect on the virtualization market -- particularly on VMware.

Oracle-Sun: What happens to MySQL? Information Week's Sharin Machlis wonders what Oracle will do with Sun's popular MySQL open source database.

Hooray! Oracle acquisition of Sun makes perfect sense Read why ZDNet's Dana Gardner thinks the reported acquisition of Sun by Oracle today makes a ton more sense than IBM's earlier failed bid.

Why is Oracle picking up the Sun mess? ZDNet blogger Dana Blankenhorn thinks Oracle's acquisition of Sun is a bad fit for the software giant.  


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Sun Microsystems' virtualization in limbo Sun Logical Domains is one of the many virtualization technologies that IBM will have to rationalize if it buys Sun Microsystems.

Report: IBM, Sun haggle on price, close in on deal As IBM and Sun discuss price of a Sun buyout, IT pros and partners worry about loss of competition and key technologies.

Sun's McNealy touts open source, bashes Oracle and IBM Sun Microsystems' co-founder touted open source as an opportunity and discussed the cost drawbacks of IBM, Oracle with customers and partners.

Reports of IBM, Sun buyout roil data center waters Sun Microsystems has struggled since the first dot-com blowout. Loyal Sun IT shops may have much to worry about if IBM buys the company.

VARs weigh possible IBM takeout of Sun Sun and IBM VARs ponder repercussions if IBM does, in fact, end up buying Sun Microsystems.

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