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Mast Mobile device manager thrives with Oracle billing software

Mast Mobile device manager needed billing and rating features for its, and chose Oracle's Billing and Revenue Management to get there.

One phone. Two numbers. Separate billing. That is the challenge for Mast Mobile and its mobile device manager platform it developed with Oracle's help.

"Businesses have been really struggling to get on mobile," said David Messenger, CEO and co-founder of Mast Mobile. Mast Mobile is a carrier, software platform and device manager that provides both phone service and a web interface to manage mobile communications.

Mast Mobile is currently using Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management to create a mobile platform that allows for two phone numbers on one device with the same user experience for both phone numbers. For example, if the user has an iPhone, both phone numbers would use iOS. However, billing still needs to remain separate between the personal and professional phone numbers, which is where Billing and Revenue Management comes in.

Mast Mobile's customers come up with a policy detailing what it will pay for and then the customer allocates individuals to the appropriate policy. The customer defines those policies in Billing and Revenue Management. In turn, Billing and Revenue Management arranges the split billing automatically by account. Messenger described the process of adding an employee to a policy in three steps:

  1. Click on the employee in question on Mast Mobile's Web interface.
  2. Pick a policy for the employee.
  3. Add a business number to the account.

Billing and rating is a key feature for Mast Mobile

When Messenger started looking for a partner who could handle billing and rating -- the process by which communications companies determine how much a particular call costs -- he identified three important requirements: flexibility, sustainability and scalability. He also needed his billing and revenue management to come from a provider that knew how to work with an early-stage company such as Mast Mobile. Oracle had the financial flexibility Messenger needed and had the right cost structure. Oracle didn't ask for a budget or growth plan from Mast Mobile upfront, which, Messenger said, was valuable to the start-up company.

If you were starting an enterprise communication platform, you would do mobile.
David MessengerCEO and co-founder, Mast Mobile

Messenger also needed a product based in the Capsule customer relations management mobile application, which Minacs, a gold-level member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork, was able to provide. Minacs -- a global technology services and outsourcing company -- provides Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management through its private cloud to Mast Mobile, and a Minacs team is also helping Mast Mobile with cloud maintenance.

"The partnership has gone well," Messenger said. "We have a dedicated team working with us." As a result, Mast Mobile was able to get Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management running in less than six months.

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