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Analytics drives Las Vegas at the Collaborate conference

Las Vegas is an analytics-driven city. With the rarity of cities collecting data like Las Vegas does, Oracle has an interest in Raghav Venkat's data.

Raghav Venkat, senior systems analyst for the city of Las Vegas, lives in an analytics-driven municipality. The business intelligence (BI) program used in Las Vegas began in 2009, and since then Venkat has worked with Oracle to customize the city's databases for analytics. His data spans water pollution control, fire rescue, jails, public safety and the environment, among other sources. And this year, Venkat will speak about his expertise at the Collaborate conference, being held in Las Vegas from April 12-16.

Business functions for fire, police, and other data sources reside in their own databases. City executives want to see how one data type affects the others. For instance, they want to look at fire incident response time and see the scale of related response needed from the police. The Oracle BI model, according to Venkat, can make that happen.

Most of Oracle's analytics customers are businesses, which makes Las Vegas' data particularly interesting to Oracle, since the types of data collected in the public sector are different from those of the private sector. Venkat was involved in the beta program for the Oracle BI Cloud. Oracle expressed interest in the city's BI analytics program because it is hard to find analytics of that caliber in the public sector, because most cities don't concentrate on analytics to the extent that Las Vegas does. Because it is a municipality, Las Vegas collects different information than a corporate entity. Oracle doesn't have many opportunities, according to Venkat, to test how the Oracle BI Cloud works with public safety data and other forms of data only found in the public sector.

Venkat will bring his insider knowledge of Oracle BI Cloud to Collaborate 2015. Venkat has been presenting at the Collaborate conference for six years and a member of the Oracle Applications User Group and the Independent Oracle Users Group for just as long. At Collaborate 2015, Venkat will speak at three sessions: "Complete Self-Service Business Intelligence," "How to Compliment Your Oracle BI Investment with Oracle BI Cloud" and "Leverage Built-in Oracle Features to Tune and Monitor an Oracle Data Warehouse."

Venkat intends to focus his self-service session on what the cloud can do for self-service BI. This session is for the less-technical users and provides practical information. Similarly, the BI investment session is for an audience of less-technical users as well. Venkat plans to talk about the Oracle BI tools and how to use the Oracle BI Cloud on a day-to-day basis. However, his Oracle data warehouse session is intended for core technical personnel. It focuses on "how to utilize what you own to make your warehouse perform better without bringing in new products," he said.

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