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Oracle cloud architecture push spawns new tools, issues for users

Oracle has turned itself into a cloud-first company. This guide covers recent developments in the Oracle cloud, from PaaS and IaaS updates to hybrid cloud offerings, as well as what the changes mean for Oracle users.


The era of the Oracle cloud began when Oracle introduced its first cloud computing initiative in 2010. Since then, Oracle has made an about-face on former CEO and now CTO Larry Ellison's initial dismissal of the cloud as a passing fad. These days, Oracle is working to redefine itself as a cloud-first company, investing heavily in cloud technologies and steadily releasing new cloud services and applications while continuing to build out the Oracle cloud architecture.

With Oracle's cloud strategy solidifying over the past couple of years, the company increasingly is looking to take on cloud market leaders like Amazon Web Services (AWS). But just because Oracle has gone all-in on cloud doesn't mean that its customers are all ready for the cloud as well. While some Oracle users have willingly migrated to the Oracle cloud or deployed hybrid cloud environments, others still have both feet firmly on the IT ground while they look to learn more about the potential benefits and challenges of cloud systems.

This guide covers Oracle's recent cloud journey, compiling a variety of content looking at the evolution of the Oracle cloud architecture and how the ongoing shift to the cloud is affecting users.

1Trends and new developments-

Oracle cloud strategy evolves and expands

Once Oracle decided it was going to be a cloud company, its stated goal was to become the cloud company. Whether that will ever happen is decidedly unclear, but Oracle has pursued cloud business aggressively, challenging AWS, Salesforce and other more-entrenched cloud vendors. However, Oracle's strategy has been focused less on shaking things up and more on maintaining continuity for customers. The company has made it clear that the Oracle cloud architecture is intended to coexist with its on-premises products and work together as part of a hybrid framework. Read the articles in this section to learn more about the evolving Oracle cloud strategy.


Oracle looks to lure users away from public-cloud market leaders

Oracle turns to bare metal and containers to craft an IaaS platform that's friendlier for enterprise scale-out, but is it compelling enough versus entrenched public cloud rivals? Continue Reading


Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) upgrade strengthens Oracle's cloud hand, Ellison claims

TechTarget's Jack Vaughan assesses the cloud computing elements of Oracle CTO Larry Ellison's opening keynote at Oracle OpenWorld 2016, including new infrastructure and database capabilities. Continue Reading


Deal to buy NetSuite adds to Oracle's cloud ERP product portfolio

The Oracle cloud ERP chase could gain speed, thanks to a $9.3B plan to buy cloud applications vendor NetSuite. The software giant's timing may be good, as more users look to the cloud for ERP deployments. Continue Reading


Oracle's cloud success not so easy to assess

Oracle is changing its ways in an effort to become a cloud company, but it's hard to track how much the Oracle cloud strategy is paying off. Also, a look at Android switching to using OpenJDK. Continue Reading


Oracle users link third-party vendor support and cloud adoption

Rebecca Wettemann, vice president of Nucleus Research, answers questions on cloud adoption, third-party support and how that support promotes adoption for Oracle cloud customers. Continue Reading


Oracle looks to bring thousands of partners into first cloud program

Oracle's four-tier cloud initiative underscores the company's push to put its cloud strategy into action; the vendor hopes at least 20% of its partner base will apply. Continue Reading


Oracle cloud VP says cloud databases, app suites simplify IT process

As Oracle ramps up its new cloud offering, we speak to Shawn Price, senior vice-president for cloud, about the company’s plans Continue Reading


Oracle ratchets up cloud push, aims to take business from AWS

The company's full-year results show a focus on IaaS and PaaS, with investment in more efficient datacentres and co-location Continue Reading


Oracle pushes platform as a service, hybrid infrastructure in new cloud services

With its refreshed cloud services portfolio, Oracle hopes to become a force in the enterprise cloud market. But is it enough to win customer mind share from leader AWS? Continue Reading


OAUG official Melissa English discusses Oracle's cloud strategy

In a video Q&A from Oracle OpenWorld 2015, Melissa English, president of the Oracle Applications Users Group, discusses the importance of the Oracle cloud and the OAUG's future plans. Continue Reading


Cloud means big changes for Oracle users, says IOUG's John Matelski

In a Q&A, John Matelski, president of the IOUG, answers questions about Oracle's cloud strategy and his own organization's business intelligence and big data analytics initiatives. Continue Reading


Oracle strategy calls for cloud, on-premises coexistence

Oracle updates its on-premises applications while it is investing in cloud services. Despite market concern, Oracle says coexistence is its strategy. Continue Reading

2Products and services-

Oracle's cloud offerings proliferate as push broadens

Oracle has released a large number of different products and services for the cloud, including infrastructure, platform and software as a service options. It also has developed new versions of existing products designed to interface well with cloud systems and provide tools for database administrators to use in managing Oracle databases in the cloud. In this section, you'll find stories on different technologies offered as part of the Oracle cloud architecture.


Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service creates apps without code

Oracle encourages nonprogrammers to try their hand at development with the Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service, where they can use business objects to build no-code Web apps. Continue Reading


Database administrators (DBAs) get new tools for the cloud in Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c

The latest version of Oracle Enterprise Manager is designed to make life easier for DBAs working in the cloud. Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c has new features for the cloud. Continue Reading


Oracle Analytics Cloud platform combines big data and BI tools

Oracle Analytics Cloud rounds up a number of the company's business intelligence and big data cloud services. Expert Robert Sheldon takes a look at the cloud analytics platform. Continue Reading


Cloud at Customer puts public cloud tools behind corporate firewalls

Oracle Cloud brings a public cloud feel inside private data centers for customers unwilling to have data beyond their firewall, matching new offerings from IBM and Microsoft. Continue Reading


Oracle targets AWS cloud leadership with IaaS compute service

Oracle rolled out more cloud services at OpenWorld 2015, topped by a public cloud addition to its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure IaaS suite that directly targets Amazon Web Services. Continue Reading


Simplicity is the key for Oracle API Manager and SOA Cloud software

Oracle released two new services for the Oracle Cloud Platform: Oracle SOA Cloud and Oracle API Manager Cloud Service. They are designed for non-developers. Continue Reading


Oracle integrates Mobile Cloud with Xamarin development platform

Oracle Mobile Cloud Services will integrate with the Xamarin platform, which lets developers build, test and model mobile applications in C#. Continue Reading


Ellison says new services round out Oracle Cloud Platform offering

The addition of more than two dozen cloud computing services will allow users to move everything in their data centers to the Oracle cloud, according to CTO Larry Ellison. Continue Reading


Oracle's Fusion Applications come in cloud, on-premises flavors

Robert Sheldon explains the history of Oracle Fusion Applications and the important choice between software-as-a-service and on-premises deployment. Continue Reading

3User stories and advice-

Oracle cloud deployments as seen through the eyes of users

Oracle may be pushing to get its customers into the cloud, but exploring the Oracle cloud architecture isn't always an exciting prospect for users. Those who do decide to migrate to the cloud do so for different reasons. For example, some organizations are interested in building products of their own around the cloud, while others are simply looking to save money. Regardless of what's driving a cloud migration, it's important to have a plan and know what to expect. This section focuses on user deployments and offers tips on how to manage them effectively.


DBAs need new skills for the cloud, says IOUG's Maria Anderson

IOUG president Maria Anderson shares her view of the future of the DBA in the cloud and what good DBA skills will look like down the line. Leadership will become more important. Continue Reading


Be careful not to rush into cloud databases without a solid plan

As more companies move to the cloud, it's important for DBAs to know both the good and the bad about managing Oracle cloud database systems before they take the plunge and migrate. Continue Reading


Know the differences between Oracle on-premises and cloud licensing

Software licensing expert Keith Dobbs explains how Oracle's cloud focus has affected its licensing policies -- and how Oracle Cloud at Customer could change things for on-premises users. Continue Reading


Patricia Dues of the OAUG talks about Oracle's cloud applications

OAUG president Patricia Dues talks about the technology that has the Oracle user group's attention and why it's important to learn about the cloud even if you aren't planning to use it. Continue Reading


Credit union has ups, downs on migration to Oracle Fusion Financials

Moving to Oracle Fusion Financials has been a mixed blessing for the Evangelical Christian Credit Union. It saved money, but had to sacrifice integration and automation. Continue Reading


Connected pool pump motor triggers internet of things platform demo in Oracle cloud

Oracle OpenWorld 2015 put end-to-end implementation with an IoT platform on display starting with a connected pool pump motor and ending with Oracle Big Data Discovery. Continue Reading


More from OAUG's English: Opportunities, questions for cloud users

In a Q&A, OAUG president Melissa English discusses how Oracle's increasing focus on cloud computing services affects users and what Oracle and the OAUG are doing to answer questions. Continue Reading

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