Oracle ERP software implementation tips and trends

Last updated:April 2014

Editor's note

Enterprise resource planning software has expanded beyond its origins in manufacturing to encompass customer relationship management, business analytics and financial applications. Organizations seeking to streamline processes and reduce inefficiencies find that Oracle ERP offers numerous possibilities.

However, upgrades, integration with existing applications and software customization often pose challenges for users. Companies often fail to reap the full benefits that careful planning and an Oracle implementation methodology can offer. Furthermore, many users don't tap into the full potential of the new features once the implementation or upgrade is complete.

In this guide, experts and consultants share tips for successful implementation and offer their views on the current state of Oracle ERP software, as well as their predictions for how it will adapt to keep pace with shifting technology trends.

1Oracle ERP software experiences and opinions

As business applications and technologies evolve, enterprise resource planning systems must adapt to coexist with the likes of cloud computing and mobile computing. In this section, experts and experienced users discuss the shifting trends of Oracle ERP systems and how these applications will fare in the future.