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Oracle ERP software implementation tips and trends

Get expert advice for planning and executing a successful implementation of Oracle ERP software in this guide, and learn what the future may hold for Oracle ERP.


Enterprise resource planning software has expanded beyond its origins in manufacturing to encompass customer relationship management, business analytics and financial applications. Organizations seeking to streamline processes and reduce inefficiencies find that Oracle ERP offers numerous possibilities.

However, upgrades, integration with existing applications and software customization often pose challenges for users. Companies often fail to reap the full benefits that careful planning and an Oracle implementation methodology can offer. Furthermore, many users don't tap into the full potential of the new features once the implementation or upgrade is complete.

In this guide, experts and consultants share tips for successful implementation and offer their views on the current state of Oracle ERP software, as well as their predictions for how it will adapt to keep pace with shifting technology trends.

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Tips and best practices for Oracle ERP implementation, upgrades

Prior to implementation, organizations need to carefully plan out their Oracle ERP implementation methodology, prepare for complications with integration and determine how users will engage with new capabilities. The articles in this section offer best practice advice for companies looking to implement or upgrade Oracle ERP software.


Speed ERP deployment by using Oracle Business Accelerators

Oracle Business Accelerators, which are cloud-based tools, may facilitate ERP deployment, though midsize companies need to work with a partner in order to use them. Continue Reading


Depicting pain points and ease of implementation: ERP infographic

Take a look at this infographic for a visual representation of ERP implementation hurdles and the challenges they present. Continue Reading


Improve Oracle implementation methods with these five tips

In addition to purchasing ERP software, companies need to ensure they have a vital Oracle implementation methodology in order to succeed. Continue Reading


Buyer's guide: Examining the top 10 midmarket ERP systems

Learn about the top 10 midmarket ERP systems available today in this helpful buyer's guide. Continue Reading


Survey results: Most Oracle ERP users unfamiliar with new features

According to the results of this survey, a majority of Oracle ERP users upgrade their software with good intentions, but then struggle to keep track of the new features. Continue Reading


Best practices for ERP requirements planning and vendor selection

To ensure long-term success with ERP requirements, establish best practices with employees and continually seek their input. Continue Reading


Oracle ERP software experiences and opinions

As business applications and technologies evolve, enterprise resource planning systems must adapt to coexist with the likes of cloud computing and mobile computing. In this section, experts and experienced users discuss the shifting trends of Oracle ERP systems and how these applications will fare in the future.


Oracle user group president discusses Oracle Fusion Applications

OAUG president Alyssa Johnson considers the future of Oracle Fusion Applications and their coexistence with the cloud in this interview. Continue Reading


Looking at the future of Oracle ERP systems and Fusion Apps

In this second part of a Q&A with Alyssa Johnson, the OAUG president shares more insights on the future of Oracle ERP and Fusion. Continue Reading


'ERP software is dead': Nothing more than a rumor

While ERP isn't going anywhere soon, it will adapt to an increasingly mobile and cloud-focused world. Continue Reading


Can you have too much ERP custom software application development?

In this column, follow the debate between ERP vendors and third-party support firms about customizing business applications. Continue Reading


Why organizational change management is important for ERP projects

Creating an organizational change management process matters as much as the technical side of ERP projects, says ERP expert Eric Kimberling. Continue Reading


Enterprise resource planning terms

Check out this glossary for a short list of key terms associated with Oracle ERP software.

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