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Making the switch to Oracle Fusion Apps

Explore Oracle Fusion Applications development and implementation here. This guide may help you decide if it's time for your enterprise to make the move to this suite of applications.


The long-awaited Fusion Applications from Oracle offers up a suite of enterprise applications that assist companies in performing enterprise resource planning, human capital management, customer relationship management and other tasks. They promise to deliver improved performance, integration with existing technologies and lowered IT costs.

Top Oracle execs demoed Fusion Applications at OpenWorld a while back. How has it been received since then? According to a recent Forrester report, 65% of Oracle applications customers surveyed had no plans to implement Fusion Apps, and another 24% were unsure if they would. Businesses have been hesitant to adopt Fusion Apps due in part to lack of migration incentives. However, the new generation of applications offers more in terms of innovation and development possibility.

Not sure if your organization is ready for Fusion Applications? This guide offers users news articles exploring Fusion Apps development, advice on implementation of Fusion Applications and expert discussion of Fusion adoption.

1Fusion Applications News-

Oracle Fusion Applications in the news

Contributors for SearchOracle have covered Oracle Fusion Applications from its long-awaited debut to present concerns from organizations contemplating how it fits into their overall infrastructure. This section offers a collection of news stories highlighting the ups and downs of Fusion Applications in the marketplace.


Fusion Apps: Undergoing possible rebranding?

An analyst claims that, due to lagging sales, Oracle is rebranding Fusion Applications, but Oracle begs to differ. Continue Reading


Many skills needed for in-house Oracle Fusion Applications

An early adopter prepares to host Oracle Fusion Applications in-house. Continue Reading


Oracle Fusion Applications becomes available to all customers

This article discusses the long-awaited release of Oracle Fusion Apps to the general public. Continue Reading


Oracle announces release of Oracle Public Cloud

Read about the release of Oracle Public Cloud, which initially offered Fusion CRM and HCM. Continue Reading


Are customers ready for Oracle Fusion Applications?

Oracle Fusion Applications are running in customers' environments after six years of development. Continue Reading


Oracle executives talk the talk of Fusion Applications at OpenWorld

Oracle executives talk up integrated systems and present a long-awaited demo of Oracle Fusion Applications at OpenWorld. Continue Reading

2User insights-

What do users have to say about Oracle Fusion Applications?

Companies that have implemented Oracle Fusion Applications have firsthand experience with integration issues, changes in how applications are managed and what skill sets are needed for successful adoption. This section offers stories from users as well as helpful information about Fusion Apps for users of other Oracle applications.


How one user resolved integration challenge with Oracle Fusion Apps

This article highlights the experiences of a user who installed Oracle Fusion Apps and faced an integration challenge. Continue Reading


Transition to Fusion Applications difficult for Oracle partner, but successful

Oracle partner eVerge Group struggled with the reduction in control over their application, but emerged pleased with the move to Fusion Applications. Continue Reading


Fast-food restaurant chain adopts Oracle Fusion Applications

Much staff training is needed for one fast-food chain to effectively upgrade to Oracle Fusion Applications. Continue Reading


Why has the implementation of Oracle Fusion Apps been so slow?

Users and analysts discuss the slower-than-expected adoption of Oracle Fusion Applications. Continue Reading


What Oracle shops need to know about Oracle Fusion Apps

It's time for Oracle shops to start thinking about how Fusion fits their application infrastructures. Continue Reading


Oracle Fusion Applications widely available after long wait

This article discusses the general availability of Oracle Fusion Applications and their price list. Continue Reading

3Execs talk Fusion Apps-

Executive leadership commentary on Oracle Fusion Applications

These videos offer discussion of Fusion Applications adoption from a business perspective. In this section, Oracle Vice President Steve Miranda, Ventana Research CEO Mark Smith and Oracle Applications Users Group President Mark Clark discuss Oracle Fusion Applications development, adoption and implementation.


How did it go? One of first users of Fusion Applications goes live in production

Check out this video to hear Oracle VP Steve Miranda describe how Principal Financial Group went live with Fusion Apps.


Fusion Apps built on Java foundation

Oracle VP Steve Miranda explains how Oracle Fusion Applications are built on the foundation of Java.


Expert offers insights into business engagement and Fusion Applications

Get insider advice for adopting Fusion Applications and maintaining business engagement.


How does Oracle support measure up? OAUG president explains

Reflect on user plans and Oracle support in this video with Oracle Applications Users Group President Mark Clark.


Video: Oracle applications users adopt Fusion Applications

Oracle Applications Users Group President Mark Clark discusses the present and future of Fusion Applications adoption.


Who actually has plans for Fusion Applications implementation?

Learn what OAUG President Mark Clark has to say about interest in Fusion Applications versus plans for implementation.


Glossary of terms related to Fusion Applications

Read and review the terminology pertinent to Oracle Fusion Applications.

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