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Implementing successful Oracle E-Business Suite applications upgrades

Gain insights into new versions of Oracle E-Business Suite, tips for smooth upgrades and expert advice for resolving issues in this comprehensive guide.


The latest offering from Oracle, EBS 12.2, includes support for online patching, mobile functionality and Endeca extensions, among other features. Although newer versions of Oracle E-Business Suite offer more capabilities, most organizations don't want to undergo enterprise-wide upgrades unless it's really necessary. But once they decide to make the change, ample planning is crucial.

Experienced users recommend creating a strategic organizational change management plan to ensure ERP projects go smoothly, with minimal business disruption and as much cooperation on the part of business users as possible. While the actual EBS upgrade may only take a few days, the planning stages can last for months or even years.

In this essential guide, learn what experts and experienced users have to say about key features of Oracle E-Business Suite applications, as well as common issues that arise during implementation and how to handle them.

1Features and trends-

News highlights: Following Oracle applications trends

Learn about key features of Oracle E-Business Suite applications and the pros and cons of upgrading. Articles in this section include a Q&A with OAUG president Margaret Wright, expert analysis of Oracle tools and tips for improved implementations and upgrades.


OAUG president discusses Oracle EBS 12.2 features

In this interview, Oracle Applications Users Group president Margaret Wright talks about Oracle EBS 12.2 mobile functionality, Endeca extensions and WebLogic. Continue Reading


Release of Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 includes online patching

A key feature of the Oracle EBS 12.2 release is support for online patching. It's a game-changer. Continue Reading


Oracle E-Business Suite 11i users save with waived extended support fee

While the waived extended support fee for Oracle EBS 11i is financially helpful in the short-term, an expensive upgrade to R12 may be unavoidable. Continue Reading


How to do Oracle patch updates the right way and at the right times

Learn how to keep IT and end users happy by applying the correct Oracle patch updates at the right intervals. Continue Reading


Oracle application pros opt to upgrade when support ends

The leading reason for upgrading to newer versions of Oracle, according to a survey of 327 IT professionals, is "end of support." Continue Reading

2Case studies-

Experiences of businesses that have undergone EBS implementation

Companies that have implemented ERP upgrades have used different approaches to complete them in a timely, cost-effective manner. Read the articles in this section to learn about strategies for accomplishing successful implementations.


Implementing Oracle EBS: McDonald's delegates business roles for users

This article explains how fast-food giant McDonald's prevented conflicts by assigning business roles to Oracle E-Business Suite users. Continue Reading


How in-house Oracle skills benefited's ERP integration

When integrated its CRM application through the Informatica Cloud service, in-house Oracle expertise proved crucial. Continue Reading


MedicAlert speeds EBS implementation and gets employees on board

Read how MedicAlert used a Phenomenal Undertaking at MedicAlert (PUMA) system to expedite its e-business suite implementation and gain employee buy-in. Continue Reading


Expedite Oracle ERP implementations by employing smart spending

Read this news article for examples of how Oracle ERP implementations can be completed faster with careful spending practices. Continue Reading


Why a solar company prohibited ERP customization for users in upgrade

Solar company Amonix had to upgrade its ERP system fast, and therefore prohibited its users from ERP customization during the upgrade. Continue Reading

3Tips for users-

User tips for taking advantage of EBS features, easing upgrades

The articles in this section bring you detailed information about features of Oracle E-Business Suite applications as well as strategies for facilitating upgrades and resolving issues.


How to manage E-Business Suite stats with the cost-based optimizer

Learn how to use the cost-based optimizer to manage E-Business Suite statistics from an OAUG board member and Oracle DBA. Continue Reading


Facilitating software customization in EBS upgrades

This tip offers suggestions for making the challenge of software customizations a bit easier. Continue Reading


Ensure successful EBS R12 upgrade with checklists

Creating and using checklists before and after an upgrade will help make it go more smoothly. Continue Reading


Uncover the features of the Subledger Accounting Engine of EBS

Enterprises can perform accounting tasks in new ways with Oracle E-Business Suite R12's Subledger Accounting Engine features. Continue Reading


Resolving problems before they happen with Oracle EBS support

Oracle E-Business Suite users can proactively address problems with the support of Period Close Advisor, which helps avoid reactive issues and escalations. Continue Reading

4Expert advice-

Experts offer recommendations for application adoption

With adoption of new applications come struggles with change and unexpected obstacles related to the software, including concerns with licensing. In this section, get expert opinions on issues and change management associated with Oracle E-Business Suite applications.


Adopting Oracle E-Business Suite: What about additional licenses?

Read this expert response to a reader's question regarding the need to purchase extra licenses for Oracle E-Business Suite, even without software modifications. Continue Reading


Streamline ERP projects with organizational change management plan

Executing an organizational change management plan is just as important as the technical side of ERP projects, according to ERP expert Eric Kimberling. Continue Reading


Licensing expert addresses non-production database question

Scott Rosenberg, a licensing expert, explains why you may have to license all database instances for EBS. Continue Reading


Expert talks about 20th anniversary of Collaborate conference

Oracle applications expert Floyd Teter shares his insights about the 20th anniversary of the Collaborate conference. Continue Reading

5EBS Videos-

Videos: Oracle users and experts offer straight talk on EBS

Check out the videos in this section for helpful information on E-Business Suite 12.2 features and adoption.


Expert discusses WebLogic Application Server, E-Business Suite 12.2 features

Explore new features of E-Business Suite 12.2 and the role of WebLogic Application Server with Oracle applications authority Floyd Teter.


OAUG president: How to get users trained on E-Business Suite and more

Learn how to get users on board with E-Business Suite from former OAUG president Margaret Wright. She also shares details about her meeting with Oracle's Mark Hurd.


Oracle third-party support firm president: No support for custom software

Watch this brief video to learn why Oracle Support does not support Oracle software customizations.

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