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Guide to Oracle engineered systems and server appliances

Learn about the features, costs, benefits and flaws associated with Oracle engineered systems and server appliances in this Essential Guide.


Oracle's lineup of engineered systems, encompassing database machines and server appliances, are pre-integrated and offer database administrators and IT directors options for simplifying data center operations while enhancing performance.

The Exadata Database Machine was designed for boosting performance for data warehousing and online transaction processing, but consultants have identified some flaws during implementation. Oracle Corp.'s integrated WebLogic and Java server appliance, Exalogic, may or may not be the "cloud in a box" offering Oracle claims it to be. The Oracle Database Appliance, while offering fewer features, is comparable to Exadata and the Dell server infrastructure, and its lower price point is attractive to smaller organizations.

Has Oracle's approach to integrating Oracle hardware and software with big server appliances met the expectations of its customers? Is this technology worth investing in at your organization? The articles and videos included in this Essential Guide share case studies, expert insights and user feedback on Oracle engineered systems.


Oracle engineered systems news and trends

Read how Oracle systems help streamline data center operations for many organizations, though often not for smaller shops. While larger companies have had a positive response to integrated systems, Sun loyalists are ambivalent about the direction Oracle has been taking. The articles in this section explore these varying viewpoints in more detail.


Increased use of integrated systems due to enthusiasm for private cloud

Because of increased interest in internal clouds, experts predict that more organizations will adopt integrated systems. Continue Reading


Smaller entities unable to get on board with Oracle Sun hardware

Oracle Sun hardware creates a completely different environment than the one remembered by old Sun enthusiasts. Continue Reading


Oracle neglects wants of Commodity Sun x86 server users

Many smaller Sun x86 and Solaris users feel left out as Oracle has shifted focus away from x86 commodity servers. Continue Reading


With SPARC T4 servers, Oracle invites back interest from Sun shops

New SPARC server models are available for running general purpose Solaris applications in those few shops still loyal to Sun. Continue Reading


All-in-one data center systems going mainstream

As IT workloads evolve, containerized data center systems are expanding to the mainstream from their previous niche in remote computing. Continue Reading


Executive insights into Oracle engineered systems

Executives from Oracle, Pythian and other companies deliver brief but informative segments on Oracle engineered systems in the following videos. Hear what they have to say about Oracle Exadata, Oracle Database Appliance and more.


How to determine if Oracle Exadata is right for you

Learn what Oracle ACE Christo Kutrovsky of Pythian has to say about Oracle Exadata.


What's the connection between Oracle Exadata, quantum computing and cyborgs?

Get insights into the link between Oracle Exadata, quantum computing and cyborgs, according to TUSC president Richard Niemiec.


Exploring the benefits of Oracle Exalogic

Hear about the benefits of Oracle Exalogic, an integrated WebLogic and Java server appliance, from Oracle Fusion Middleware VP of development Adam Messinger.


Adoption of Oracle Database Appliance slower than predicted

Oracle Database Appliance has been slower than expected to gain traction. Pythian CTO Alex Gorbachev explains why.


New PeopleSoft applications: What's all the fuss about?

Oracle's VP of PeopleSoft strategy, John Webb, explains why the new PeopleSoft applications are big news.

3The "Exa" appliances-

Oracle server appliances: Exadata/Exalogic/Exalytics

Experts, users and OpenWorld conference attendees offer insights into Oracle's Exadata, Exalogic and Exalytics platforms. Read why users have had generally positive reactions to the programs and explore Oracle's cloud offering in the following stories.


CTO Joel Gilbert built his own Exadata before Oracle

Read how Gilbert, CTO of workforce management software company Pipkins, built a version of Exadata before Oracle did. Continue Reading


Unpredictability and lack of documentation cited as Oracle Exadata flaws

Oracle Exadata has met with very positive reception, but consultants have found some flaws. Continue Reading


Oracle Exadata migration: PayPal did it in just 60 days

Learn how and why PayPal migrated to a new data management platform in a very short time period. Continue Reading


Who manages the Exadata bundle -- DBAs?

Prospective buyers question how the bundle of Oracle database, storage and hardware will be managed. Continue Reading


Exalogic business case built by Oracle customers

Attendees to Oracle OpenWorld explain some of the reasons to buy a big ticket Exalogic box, including ATG projects, PeopleSoft systems and data center modernization. Continue Reading


Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud and Exadata Machine explained

Read this handbook excerpt for explanations of Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud and Exadata Machine. Continue Reading


Exalogic: Oracle's 'cloud in a box,' says Larry Ellison

Ellison defines the cloud and discusses Oracle's answer to Amazon. Continue Reading


Is Oracle Exalogic truly cloud computing?

This article discusses Oracle's Exalogic Elastic Cloud and the varying definitions of cloud computing. Continue Reading


Faceoff: Why Oracle Exalytics is better than SAP HANA

What's so good about Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine? Book author and Oracle expert gives you his version of Exalytics' superior qualities. Continue Reading


Faceoff: SAP HANA is better than Oracle Exalytics

SAP HANA enables real-time analysis of billions of rows of data, which far surpasses Oracle Exalytics, argues this SAP HANA user. Continue Reading


In-memory becomes a commodity thanks in part to Exalytics

An expert explains why Oracle's in-memory BI server appliance will become a commodity. Continue Reading


Launch of Exalytics BI big data systems

Read about the initial launch of Oracle Exalytics and Oracle Big Data Appliance for Hadoop and NoSQL. Continue Reading

4A look at Oracle appliances-

Oracle Database Appliance, Sparc SuperCluster, Big Data Appliance info

This section delivers viewpoints from experts and analysts on Oracle appliances: Oracle Database Appliance, the Sparc SuperCluster and Big Data Appliance. Are any of these appliances good for your organization? Read the articles below for user stories and for information on the costs and benefits.


The true cost of Oracle Database Appliance

A consultant explains the hardware and software costs associated with Oracle Database Appliance, which is aimed at smaller businesses. Continue Reading


Experts view Oracle Database Appliance as gateway to Exadata

The Oracle Database Appliance offers affordability, but fewer features when compared to Exadata. Continue Reading


Harvard upgrades server infrastructure with Oracle Database Appliance

This feature story describes how Harvard Business Publishing upgraded its Dell server infrastructure with two separate integrated approaches. Continue Reading


Small company chooses Oracle Database Appliance instead of Dell

Small but steadily growing company CallSource chose Oracle Database Appliance rather than Dell, achieving a six-figure savings. Continue Reading


Features of both Exadata and Exalogic appear in Sparc SuperCluster

Analysts are unsure whether Sparc SuperCluster will win over their base, despite having up to 16 of the new eight-core Sparc T4 chips. Continue Reading


Oracle rolls out upgraded Sparc SuperCluster and Sparc Exalogic servers

This article examines the refreshed versions of Oracle's Sparc-based servers, which include a Sparc-based Exalogic Elastic Cloud middleware server. Continue Reading


New Oracle servers inspired by familiar designs

The Sparc SuperCluster and Exalogic Compute cloud are based on the Sparc T3 chip, and Fujitsu continues to design Sparc64 M-Series servers. Continue Reading


Is the expense worth it for the Oracle Big Data Appliance?

Oracle is making a big push to enter the field of big data, but some think the Oracle Big Data Appliance isn't a good fit. Continue Reading


Oracle and Cloudera executives discuss Big Data Appliance

Executives from Oracle and Cloudera share their thoughts on Big Data Appliance in this interview. Continue Reading

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