Guide to Oracle 12c database features and upgrades

Last updated:November 2013

Editor's note

Oracle Database 12c promises efficiency, security and availability for private and public cloud deployments. The Multitenant database consolidation feature stands out as a popular innovation amongst database administrators and other users. But is this new architecture upgrade worth the cost?

An Enterprise Edition license for Oracle Database 12c is listed at $47,500, and the much-anticipated Multitenant feature costs an additional $17,500, which is prohibitive for many organizations, according to SearchOracle site editor and Oracle Revelations columnist Mark Fontecchio.

In this Essential Guide, DBAs and IT directors get insights from experts, analysts and users about the Oracle 12c database features and advice about if and when to upgrade.

1Oracle 12c database news highlights

This section offers news articles on hot topics of interest to DBAs and Oracle Database 12c users. Learn more about announcements and discussions related to Oracle Database 12c and its Pluggable Database feature (now known as Multitenant).

2Tools and options for Oracle 12c database

Oracle database 12c comes with a few options that may be helpful in managing, prioritizing and consolidating enterprise data. In this section, learn more about these tools and the factors to consider before adopting them.

3Exploring Oracle Database 11g

Learn more about previous Oracle incarnations in this section, which provides expert discussion of Oracle Database 11g and advice for upgrading.

4Quiz: How well do you know Oracle Multitenant and Database 12c?

Take this brief quiz to test your knowledge of Oracle Database 12c and Multitenant.