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Guide to Oracle 12c database features and upgrades

Experts, analysts and users discuss Oracle Database 12c features, including the Multitenant database-consolidation add-on, and upgrade recommendations in this Essential Guide.


Oracle Database 12c promises efficiency, security and availability for private and public cloud deployments. The Multitenant database consolidation feature stands out as a popular innovation amongst database administrators and other users. But is this new architecture upgrade worth the cost?

An Enterprise Edition license for Oracle Database 12c is listed at $47,500, and the much-anticipated Multitenant feature costs an additional $17,500, which is prohibitive for many organizations, according to SearchOracle site editor and Oracle Revelations columnist Mark Fontecchio.

In this Essential Guide, DBAs and IT directors get insights from experts, analysts and users about the Oracle 12c database features and advice about if and when to upgrade.


Views on Oracle Database 12c

Database administrators, experts and consultants weigh in on Oracle Database 12c adoption and ROI, features such as Multitenant, and on related topics in the articles in this section.


Explore new features of Oracle Exadata x4-2 and Database 12c

Carl Olofson, vice president at IDC Research discusses newer features of Oracle Exadata x4-2 and Oracle Database 12c. Continue Reading


Improve database migrations and Oracle 12c upgrades

Get tips on how to find downtime to test and upgrade and how to maintain patch sets after go-live from IOUG President Michelle Malcher. Continue Reading


DBA explains benefits of Oracle Database 12c Multitenant

Oracle Database 12c Multitenant is a step up from transportable tablespace, according to a database administrator from Aramark. Continue Reading


Oracle Database 12c Multitenant: How is the ROI?

This column evaluates whether Oracle Database 12c Multitenant is worth the money. Continue Reading


Consultant explains easier adoption of Oracle Multitenant

A database consultant discusses how pleasantly surprised he was to find that Multitenant adoption was easier and less costly than expected. Continue Reading


Wish list of Oracle database administrators revealed

Some items cited on the Oracle DBA wish list for 2013 include better query optimization, memory leakage detection and heterogeneous support of Data Guard. Continue Reading


Oracle 12c database news highlights

This section offers news articles on hot topics of interest to DBAs and Oracle Database 12c users. Learn more about announcements and discussions related to Oracle Database 12c and its Pluggable Database feature (now known as Multitenant).


Updates on Oracle Database 12c, DbaaS and E-Business Suite

Learn how Database 12c is being offered on more operating systems and get information about an EBS cloud provider from Oracle News Today. Continue Reading


Relational database makers adding in-memory technology to leading products

Makers of RDBMS are adding in-memory traits to their flagship offerings to encourage faster analytics and operations. Continue Reading


Rising interest in Oracle 12c database, according to Oracle Q4 2013 results

In this summary of the Oracle earnings report for Q4 2013, learn about increased interest in Oracle 12c, the company's three-pronged strategy and engineered systems. Continue Reading


News about partnership between Oracle and Pluribus, Oracle 12c

Read about how Oracle is partnering with Pluribus Networks and how SAP is set to certify Oracle Database 12c. Continue Reading


OpenWorld announcement: New features of Oracle Database 12c

Read this story for information about Oracle Database 12c features and a company announcement at the annual OpenWorld conference. Continue Reading


Feature of Oracle Database 12c likened to database virtualization

Users discuss the Pluggable Database feature of Oracle Database 12c, comparing it to database virtualization. Continue Reading


Is Pluggable Database the best part of Oracle Database 12c?

The Pluggable Database feature may redefine database virtualization, according to this news article. Continue Reading


OpenWorld keynote highlights: Oracle Database 12c and Exadata X3

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison delivered an OpenWorld 2012 keynote speech describing the new features of Oracle Database 12c and Exadata X3. Continue Reading


New features of Oracle 12c database now available

Many users may be wowed by the new Oracle 12c database features, most notably the paid add-on Pluggable Database. Continue Reading


Tools and options for Oracle 12c database

Oracle database 12c comes with a few options that may be helpful in managing, prioritizing and consolidating enterprise data. In this section, learn more about these tools and the factors to consider before adopting them.


Introduction to Oracle In-Memory database option

This article offers preliminary considerations for implementing the forthcoming Oracle Database 12c In-Memory Option. Continue Reading


Possible licensing and hardware costs come with Oracle In-Memory option

The Oracle Database 12c In-Memory Option may involve some additional costs associated with licensing and hardware. Continue Reading


Oracle 12c and Multitenant for database consolidation

Using Oracle 12c for database consolidation may alleviate database sprawl as well as management and infrastructure costs. Continue Reading


Improve storage with Oracle 12c heat map tool and data optimization

Learn how to improve storage and data compression using Oracle 12c's heat map tool and Automatic Data Optimization (ADO) features. Continue Reading


Prioritize and compress data without the Oracle 12c heat map tool

An AWR workaround enables users to prioritize and compress data without Oracle 12c database, according to PayPal Database Engineer John Kanagaraj. Continue Reading


How to use data redaction, the new security tool for Oracle Database 12c

Follow these steps to use the Oracle 12c security tool, data redaction, for data masking. Continue Reading

4Database 11g-

Exploring Oracle Database 11g

Learn more about previous Oracle incarnations in this section, which provides expert discussion of Oracle Database 11g and advice for upgrading.


Author advises on high availability in Oracle Database 11g R2

Senior manager for Oracle RAC customer support Scott Jesse offers insights from a book he co-wrote about Oracle Database 11g Release 2. Continue Reading


Excerpt: Oracle Database 11g R2 High Availability

Check out this sample chapter from the Oracle Press book Oracle Database 11g R2 High Availability. Continue Reading


Underground tips for Oracle Database 11g unveiled

A DBA and Oracle Certified Professional discusses her new book on the secrets of Oracle Database 11g. Continue Reading


Oracle Database 11g: Identifying the best upgrade path

Your current Oracle software version and database size are factors in choosing the right path to upgrade to Database 11g. Continue Reading


Expert discussion of Oracle Database 12c

Check out the videos in this section for insights on the Oracle 12c database, database queries and Exadata from expert Rich Niemiec.


Oracle private cloud deployments reachable with Database 12c

New features in Oracle Database 12c make private cloud deployment more accessible, says database consultant Marc Fielding.


Oracle Database queries: What to tune, when to index

Learn about Oracle Database queries to tune, when it's best to index, and the importance of Exadata according to Oracle author and consultant Richard Niemiec.


Rich Niemiec discusses database security and Larry's Law

Expert Rich Niemiec offers insights into database security, the Oracle 12c database and Larry's Law at Collaborate 13.


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