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Exploring middleware technologies and Oracle Fusion tools

Get tips for evaluating middleware options, preparing to implement Oracle Fusion Middleware and integrating non-Oracle applications with Oracle systems in this guide.


As businesses increasingly push to respond to business events faster than ever, implementing real-time data integration is an important part of maintaining a competitive edge. Using IT systems in the most efficient way possible often requires adoption of middleware to unite disparate system components. Oracle's Fusion Middleware, while appealing, can also be difficult to implement in-house. Administrators must have knowledge of Fusion, service-oriented architecture (SOA), business process management (BPM) and other technologies to make in-house adoption successful. There are open source middleware options as well, though these may not be the right choice for every company.

Integrating non-Oracle applications with Oracle applications poses additional challenges, yet this may be the best option for some businesses. DBAs and IT directors must set appropriate expectations for integration project plans, whichever systems are involved.

This guide provides expert advice for evaluating middleware technologies, preparing for middleware implementation and facilitating data integration projects.

1Adopting middleware-

Insights into Oracle Fusion Middleware adoption

Much preparation is needed prior to implementing middleware technologies. Read the articles in this section for news and tips on how to evaluate whether Oracle Fusion Middleware is right for your business.


Broad skill set needed for Oracle Fusion Applications adoption

Building an Oracle Fusion Applications platform in-house demands a vast skill set, and the complexities involved may deter many companies for now. Continue Reading


Examining Oracle Fusion products for SOA integration

Though Oracle Fusion Middleware offers several helpful features, it may not be suitable for all organizations and scenarios. Continue Reading


Oracle improves mobile platform functionalities, but concerns remain

While the Oracle Application Development Framework Mobile has evolved, many consumers are concerned with mobile security. Continue Reading


Oracle Middleware enables Rosendin Electric to go paperless

Major national electrical contractor Rosendin Electric chooses software from Oracle that improves its procure-to-pay process. Continue Reading


Experts discuss middleware technologies and Oracle applications

In this section, experts James Strachan, Adam Messinger and Floyd Teter delve into middleware topics, offering helpful insights and tips.


From banking to big data: The evolution of middleware

One of middleware's great thought leaders, James Strachan, contrasts middleware's simpler past to its increasing complexity in the present.


Learn the fundamentals of Oracle Exalogic from Fusion Middleware VP

Adam Messinger, VP of development for Oracle Fusion Middleware, explains the benefits of Oracle Exalogic in this video.


Why WebLogic Application Server is crucial to E-Business Suite 12.2

Learn about new features of EBS 12.2 from Oracle applications expert Floyd Teter, and why WebLogic Application Server is integral to the E-Business Suite.

3Systems integration-

Oracle application integration tips and tools

While the outcomes of data integration are promising, carefully preparing for the integration process is essential to success. The articles in this section address all aspects of application integration, from real-time integration tools and best practices to recommendations for setting realistic expectations and addressing challenges of integrating non-Oracle applications with Oracle systems.


Exploring real-time data integration tools from Oracle

Real-time data loading tools from Teradata and Oracle support operational BI environments but come at a high cost. Continue Reading


Best practice advice for successful real-time data integration with Oracle

This article discusses best practices for effective Oracle real-time data integration, including preparation, education and enforcement. Continue Reading


Plan ahead for real-time Oracle data integration projects

Get tips for building a solid business case for real-time data analytics in Oracle environments. Continue Reading


How to integrate non-Oracle applications with Oracle applications and databases

Learn more about the complex and challenging task of integrating Oracle systems with non-Oracle applications. Continue Reading


Adhere to right ERP philosophy to realize successful ERP system integration

Many businesses undergo ERP installations with improved integration as a goal, but it is unrealistic to expect issues to be 100% resolved by go-live. Continue Reading


Definitions of middleware technology terms

Check out the terms in this glossary to enhance your understanding of the articles in this guide.

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