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May 2014

Oracle's one-size-fits-all big data management strategy doesn't fit

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After Team Oracle's victory in the America's Cup, it's clear that the company is hot on big data -- and not just the technology necessary to make use of it. Oracle shops, too, need to be ready to take advantage of big data. And, as readers will quickly come to learn, staying afloat in the business of big data takes more than the one-size-fits-all concept at the heart of Oracle's big data management strategy.

With a sea of options to choose from, however, that's easier said than done. In this three-part guide, SearchOracle editors will provide readers with the tools to select the right data management software for their organization. To begin, News Editor Mark Fontecchio examines the potential for database administrators in the evolving, complex world of big data. Will they still have a role once data scientists come to play? What can they do to remain relevant? Next, longtime contributor Robert Sheldon takes an in-depth look at two popular, and very different, approaches to putting big data to use -- and what those differences mean. To close, Sheldon examines the pricing considerations involved, and often missed, in evaluating two common approaches to Oracle big data architecture.

Table Of Contents

  • DBAs must adapt to a big data world
  • Oracle's big data strategy hinges on Hadoop
  • Putting a price on big data

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