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March 2013

Giving your Oracle hardware performance a shot in the arm

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The performance of your databases and applications- both customer-facing and internal- are essential to your business’s success. And in the quest to improve performance, sometimes trying to dissect and fix code and tune important queries can be time consuming and expensive. You can’t just throw a bunch of hardware at the problem, since not all server hardware is created equal. This expert resource details how to pick the best server hardware for your Oracle environment. Also included is a report on how to determine where the database bottlenecks are and then find the right tools to help open them up. And finally, examine the increasing role that random-access memory (RAM) is playing in database and application environments.

About The Author

Frank Ohlhorst - Technology journalist

Frank Ohlhorst is an award-winning technology journalist, ...Read More

Table Of Contents

  • Picking server hardware for Oracle? First know your metrics
  • Get out the elbow grease to boost Oracle performance
  • In-memory processing gives Oracle a performance jolt

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