In information technology, a repository (pronounced ree-PAHZ-ih-tor-i) is a central place in which an aggregation of data is kept and maintained in an organized way, usually in computer storage. The term is from the Latin repositorium, a vessel or chamber in which things can be placed, and it can mean a place where things are collected. Depending on how the term is used, a repository may be directly accessible to users or may be a place from which specific databases, files, or documents are obtained for further relocation or distribution in a network. A repository may be just the aggregation of data itself into some accessible place of storage or it may also imply some ability to selectively extract data. Related terms are data warehouse and data mining.

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How do I clean "all hanging RAM fragments in DRAM and SRAM/Cache" during boot-up, before BIOS is loaded? 

I suspect I need to design a read only, per-programmed, IC or Hybrid (not sure how to, make suggestions please).  Very important for the first stage of my sandbox.  Important/Malware secure Consulate-Cache will be loaded late during boot-up.


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