dynamic SQL (Dynamic Structured Query Language)

Dynamic SQL is an enhanced form of Structured Query Language (SQL) that, unlike standard (or static) SQL, facilitates the automatic generation and execution of program statements. This can be helpful when it is necessary to write code that can adjust to varying databases, conditions, or servers. It also makes it easier to automate tasks that are repeated many times.

Dynamic SQL statements are stored as strings of characters that are entered when the program runs. They can be entered by the programmer or generated by the program itself, but unlike static SQL statements, they are not embedded in the source program. Also in contrast to static SQL statements, dynamic SQL statements can change from one execution to the next.

Dynamic SQL statements can be written by people with comparatively little programming experience, because the program does most of the actual generation of the code. A potential problem is reduced performance (increased processing time) if there is too much dynamic SQL running at any given time.

This was last updated in September 2005

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