Pick is a data base management system (DMS) based on a business model of data and its organization and traditionally associated with minicomputer systems for small- to medium-size businesses. Because it lets developers view data much as a business naturally uses data, Pick is reputed to be easy to learn and use as well as cost-efficient. Originally, Pick was viewed as a data- and business-oriented operating system supported by an assembler language virtual machine for particular minicomputer hardware. Based on concepts from TRW's Generalized Information Retrieval Language and System, Dick Pick and Don Nelson formed the idea of a computer system that would be based on the user's data-oriented and business process perspective rather than the usual perspective of how the system itself worked. Pick's package of hardware and software was sold through value-added resellers (VAR) who could adapt it for many kinds of business and hardware platforms. Today, Pick is still sold by the original company and its family of VARs as a database management system on UNIX and Windows systems.

Although Pick apparently missed the initial industry shift to client/server programming for distributed network applications, Pick Systems now offers a new version of Pick that is compliant with Structured Query Language and Open Database Connectivity for use in networks with distributed programming. Pick Systems states that over 4,000 Pick-based applications have been built and that over 2,000 are currently available. Familiarity with Pick is still a requirement in some companies, especially those with legacy applications built for Pick.

This was last updated in September 2005

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