Oracle NoSQL Database

Contributor(s): Jessica Sirkin

The Oracle NoSQL Database is a non-relational database. 

Oracle released its first iteration of NoSQL in October 2011 as a key part of their big data strategy. Oracle NoSQL is part of Oracle's Big Data Appliance, a converged infrastructure machine that includes server hardware, software from Cloudera -- including Apache Hadoop --and an open source distribution of the programming language R.

The Oracle NoSQL Database is a distributed database with a configurable set of systems that work as storage nodes. Data is stored as key-value pairs, which are written to the storage nodes based on the hashed value of the key. Storage nodes are then replicated across the device to help optimize query load balancing and ensure rapid failover if something happens to an individual node.

Users can write applications for the Oracle NoSQL Database using Java/C API to read and write data. Customer applications interact with the Oracle NoSQL Database key-value store with Oracle NoSQL Driver, which links into the application as a Java library (.jar) file and is accessed using a series of Java APIs. This provides access to the data through the node for the requested key.

Cluster administration is through either a web-based console or a command line interface.



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