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Oracle OpenWorld 2016: News and views

Oracle OpenWorld 2016 this month brings together Oracle users from around the world to network and learn about what the technology giant has in store.


Oracle OpenWorld 2016 brought new information about Oracle's technology strategy and product roadmap. This guide covers what happened, recent Oracle news and a retrospective on the OpenWorld 2015 conference.

Updates at Oracle OpenWorld 2016 included information on Oracle's cloud strategy and new cloud services, details on the next major MySQL update, the latest Exadata system, changes to old-standards like Oracle E-Business Suite and a look at what's coming up for Oracle Cloud Services.

1Oracle OpenWorld 2016-

Roadmap to Oracle

One of the major reasons IT pros will attend Oracle OpenWorld 2016 is to hear about Oracle's roadmap. Founder and CTO Larry Ellison's opening keynote is sure to deliver just that, including updates on Oracle's continued push into the cloud with platform as a service (PaaS), software as a service (SaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Security and the internet of things (IoT) are other important subjects at the Oracle OpenWorld 2016 conference.


Oracle makes its databases ready for the hyperscale cloud

As Oracle continues its focus on the cloud, it has come up with a database well-tuned the how the cloud works, claim execs. The Talking Data podcast looks at how that may affect data management. Continue Reading


Q&A: Behind the Oracle ERP Cloud

Oracle Senior Vice President Rondy Ng shares the design philosophy behind Oracle ERP Cloud -- which he says is now a complete suite -- and details how it's different from its competitors. Continue Reading


First stop for Oracle 12c Release 2? The cloud

Oracle 12c Release 2 features improved multi-tenancy, faster in-memory processing and more. And it's available first in the cloud. Continue Reading


Database sharding: Now available in Oracle 12c Release 2

Oracle's flagship database takes a big step toward better cloud performance with the addition of database sharding to Oracle 12c Release 2. Continue Reading


Can Oracle's infrastructure as a service offering compete?

As Oracle relaunches its IaaS platform, it faces an uphill battle against entrenched public cloud rivals. Continue Reading


Oracle chairman lays claim on Infrastructure as a Service

Larry Ellison, Oracle's chairman and CTO, kicks off OpenWorld 2016 by acknowledging AWS, Workday and Microsoft as competitors for cloud revenue in enterprise IT. Continue Reading


Oracle security top of mind at OpenWorld 2016

OAUG President Patricia Dues has attended every Oracle OpenWorld. She shares her thoughts on OpenWorld 2016, and why security and the cloud are the places to look. Continue Reading


Cloud, IoT and security are the IOUG's big three at Oracle OpenWorld 2016

In advance of Oracle OpenWorld 2016, IOUG executive director Josh Berman talks about strategic leadership lessons, the NetSuite acquisition and the wild world of the IoT. Continue Reading

2OpenWorld videos-

Video interviews and analysis from OpenWorld 2016

While at Oracle OpenWorld 2016, TechTarget editors caught up with Oracle user group leaders plus several IT analysts and consultants. We got their take on trends affecting the Oracle user base, new technology released by the vendor, the keynote speeches at the conference, and more. With the cloud headlining as the biggest topic at OpenWorld 2016, many of the interviewees talked about Oracle's growing interest in the segment, what it means for users, and what to expect in the future. Watch the videos in this section to hear their thoughts, as well as our analysis of Oracle's OpenWorld announcements and pronouncements.


What effect is Oracle cloud technology having?

Larry Ellison's keynote at OpenWorld 2016 focused the company's cloud technology. Is it clear skies from here for Oracle's cloud offerings? Editors from SearchOracle and SearchDataManagement weigh in, in this video.


No-code apps and next-generation IaaS open up cloud opportunities

OAUG President-elect Alyssa Johnson discusses the cloud opportunities Oracle opened up with its recent announcement and how trends like no-code apps will affect the business.


The future of Oracle cloud database according to DBMS vet Guy Harrison

Oracle has seen the future, and it is cloud databases. 'Next Generation Databases' author Guy Harrison tells you what to expect.


Cloud and Oracle engineered systems cause changes in role of IT

Oracle's investments in the cloud and its Oracle Engineered Systems are changing the landscape of IT. IOUG President Maria Anderson talks about turning a challenge into an opportunity.


An analyst's view of Oracle's latest cloud announcements

Constellation Research analyst Holger Mueller weighs in on Oracle's infrastructure as a service announcements at OpenWorld, as well as updates to Oracle Database 12c Release 2 and other products.


A recap of the Oracle OpenWorld 2016 keynote

SearchOracle Senior News Writer Jack Vaughan analyzes the message on cloud technology delivered by Oracle CTO Larry Ellison as OpenWorld 2016 kicked off.

3Oracle OpenWorld retrospective-

A look back to Oracle OpenWorld 2015

Oracle OpenWorld 2015 showcased Oracle's aggressive move into the cloud and determination to prove itself as a cloud company with cloud-centric keynotes, as well as the unveiling of the Elastic Compute Cloud service. Beyond cloud, Ellison zeroed in on security as a big IT concern and presented software in Silicon for the first time.


Oracle IaaS goes up against AWS with the Elastic Compute Cloud Service

Oracle rolled out more cloud services at OpenWorld 2015, topped by a public cloud addition to its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure IaaS suite that directly targets Amazon Web Services. Continue Reading


Ellison claims Oracle superiority over cloud rivals at Oracle OpenWorld 2015

Larry Ellison promoted his company’s cloud services and berated rivals in his opening keynote at Oracle OpenWorld 2015. Continue Reading


Pool pump motor showcases an end-to-end IoT implementation with Oracle Big Data Discovery

Oracle OpenWorld 2015 put end-to-end implementation with an IoT platform on display starting with a connected pool pump motor and ending with Oracle Big Data Discovery. Continue Reading


Oracle says its new data visualization service is more modern than Tableau

At Oracle OpenWorld 2015 the supplier launches a data visualisation service it says is “more modern than Tableau” Continue Reading


Ellison says the way to win the cyberbattle is to push security down stack

At Oracle OpenWorld 2015, Larry Ellison called for next-generation security, pushed down the stack to the hardware level and always on Continue Reading


Oracle updates its Marketing Cloud with a focus on data

Oracle's latest updates to its Marketing Cloud are designed to help marketers make better use of data to segment and target customers, as well as manage campaigns more efficiently. Continue Reading


OAUG head on Oracle cloud strategy at Oracle OpenWorld 2015

In a video Q&A from Oracle OpenWorld 2015, Melissa English, president of the Oracle Applications Users Group, discusses the importance of the Oracle cloud and the OAUG's future plans. Continue Reading

4Oracle news from 2016-

Oracle's greatest hits of 2016

It has been a big year for Oracle. The company made its largest acquisitions in years when it bought NetSuite for $93 billion and the effects of that deal are still resonating. Oracle also made big plans for the future of Java and opened its first cloud program. But not all the news was good. Oracle also faced a major system breach with Micros and a scandal over record keeping.


Oracle cloud ERP gains ground with planned $93-billion purchase of NetSuite

The Oracle cloud ERP chase could gain speed, thanks to a $9.3B plan to buy cloud applications vendor NetSuite. The software giant's timing may be good, as more users look to the cloud for ERP deployments. Continue Reading


Oracle buys NetSuite, but plans to respect its independence

Oracle has agreed to buy NetSuite but the acquired company will retain autonomy says Oracle Continue Reading


Oracle boosts SaaS and SMB strategy with $93-billion NetSuite purchase

Industry watchers say the NetSuite acquisition by Oracle provides a needed platform for SaaS ERP applications aimed at the SMB market, but questions remain about overall strategy. Continue Reading


Oracle's NetSuite acquisition helps the CRM cloud app market consolidate

CRM users and industry insiders look at promises and history to predict how Oracle's acquisition of NetSuite's cloud applications might play out. Continue Reading

Blog Post

Oracle has a well-defined proposal for the future of Java

Oracle is committed to Java and has a very well defined proposal for the next version of the Java EE specification. This was the official confirmation from Oracle spokesperson Mike Moeller in his ... Continue Reading


Oracle's Java browser plug-in just reached the end of the line

Web browsers are becoming more streamlined and modern. To that end, Oracle will depreciate its Java plug-in. Continue Reading


Oracle aims to sign thousands of partners to its first cloud program

Oracle's four-tier cloud initiative underscores the company's push to put its cloud strategy into action; the vendor hopes at least 20% of its partner base will apply. Continue Reading


Password reset recommended after Oracle MICROS breach

Oracle's MICROS PoS systems breached, possibly by Carbanak cybergang; Oracle issues mandatory password reset for customers. Continue Reading


Oracle finance manager sues, claims she was ordered to bolster financial reports

A former Oracle finance manager claimed her superiors pressured her to make Oracle's cloud services financial records look better. She launched a lawsuit against Oracle. Continue Reading

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