Oracle OpenWorld 2015 roundup: Oracle cloud news and more

Last updated:November 2015

Editor's note

Oracle OpenWorld 2015, held in San Francisco in late October, marked the second consecutive year that Oracle has used its biggest conference as an opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to the cloud. At OpenWorld 2014, Oracle set out to prove that it could be a viable cloud company. This year, Oracle exuded confidence in its cloud services offerings and took the fight to its competitors.

In his opening keynote speech, Larry Ellison, Oracle's CTO and executive chairman, called out the company's rivals and outlined why he thinks the Oracle cloud services portfolio will win out over all competition. Thomas Kurian, head of product development at Oracle, directly challenged Amazon Web Services' (AWS) Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, the market-leading infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offering, with the introduction of a multi-tenant option as part of the Oracle Compute Cloud Service. In other keynotes and sessions as well, Oracle used OpenWorld 2015 to try to show users that not only is it cloud-ready, it's also ready to take on established cloud vendors like AWS and Salesforce.

Of course, Oracle has always been more than capable of tooting its own horn. What made the cloud-heavy approach to Oracle OpenWorld 2015 different from previous events was more than just the aggressive keynotes. Various users led sessions on their own cloud journeys, while others packed sessions on using Oracle's cloud technology and the effect of the Oracle cloud on their businesses. OpenWorld 2015 didn't show a user base completely won over by the Oracle cloud strategy, but many users at the conference were taking a serious interest in Oracle as a cloud computing vendor. Read the stories and watch the videos compiled here to get more insight on what happened at OpenWorld -- and where Oracle is looking to go in the cloud.

1Other OpenWorld 2015 topics

Oracle users came to OpenWorld 2015 for information on more than just Oracle's cloud business. At the conference, Oracle also made announcements about things such as IT security, data visualization and marketing automation tools. You can read about those topics, and others, in the stories compiled here.