OpenWorld 2017 in review: Oracle cloud offerings at center stage

Last updated:November 2017

Editor's note

Oracle OpenWorld 2017 in San Francisco was a deep dive into all things Oracle, providing attendees with advice on using its existing products and an updated roadmap of the company's technology plans for cloud computing, business applications, analytics and data infrastructure.

As with other recent Oracle convocations, though, the news out of OpenWorld 2017 centered on additions to the lineup of Oracle cloud offerings -- part of an ongoing effort to catch up with rival vendors on support for cloud-based environments that affect traditional ways of deploying and managing IT systems.

The rollouts included Oracle Database 18c, a new release debuting in the cloud that the company likens to a self-driving car because of embedded machine learning functionality. Oracle also added security features infused with machine learning to its cloud management software. In addition, OpenWorld 2017 saw the launch of a blockchain cloud service that enables customers to use the emerging technology, which is designed to improve data security and streamline transactions and data sharing between businesses.

If Oracle seems to be hoisting long passes with some of these moves, it also took care of basic blocking and tackling at OpenWorld. The company is skipping from the current 12c database straight to Oracle 18c to reflect the 2018 model year, as part of a new plan for annual releases; the expectation is that database updates will be more incremental and get delivered automatically as part of a cloud subscription going forward. And licensing changes announced just before the conference are intended to ease user transitions from on-premises software to Oracle cloud offerings.

This guide covers the high points of Oracle OpenWorld 2017, including advice from customers that have completed Oracle cloud migration projects. It also provides a retrospective look at the year's other big Oracle-related conference: Collaborate 17, held jointly in Las Vegas by the three major Oracle user groups.

1OpenWorld 2017 news and case studies on business applications

ERP systems, HR software and other types of business applications are key components of Oracle's cloud strategy. The stories in this section cover technology updates to the Oracle cloud offerings for application users, as well as OpenWorld 2017 user sessions that featured IT managers discussing migrations that their organizations have made to Oracle application environments running in the cloud.

2Stories from the annual Oracle user group conference

Collaborate is an annual conference that's held in the spring and organized by three Oracle user groups: the database-oriented Independent Oracle Users Group, the Oracle Applications Users Group and the Quest International Users Group, which is primarily geared to users of Oracle's PeopleSoft and JD Edwards application lines. The stories in this section cover news related to Collaborate 17, plus user sessions at the conference.