Guide to Collaborate 16: IT lessons learned from Oracle user event

Last updated:June 2016

Editor's note

Oracle's three biggest user groups -- the Oracle Applications Users Group, the Independent Oracle Users Group and the Quest International Users Group -- come together every year for the Collaborate conference in Las Vegas. Each year, the user groups pick a few main topics around which to organize the conference. For Collaborate 16, they chose the cloud, security, mobility and big data. "Those are the major areas that all IT professionals need to think about," OAUG President Patricia Dues said in an interview at the conference.

It's easy to see why the OAUG, IOUG and Quest picked cloud as a main theme for Collaborate 16, since Oracle has been steadily increasing its cloud services footprint by building out its cloud platform and cloud applications. According to Dues, the other topics all fit neatly together, as well. Using the cloud necessitates a focus on data security. Big data is a major reason for companies to move to the cloud since the cost of storing all of the data in on-premises systems can get very high. Mobile computing is a major center of application innovation and gives end users an expanded way of accessing both cloud and on-premises systems, making it even more incumbent upon IT teams to ensure that their architectures are secure and can handle the processing load.

In this guide, find out more about what happened at the Collaborate 16 conference and how the major themes of cloud, security, big data and mobility could affect your organization. Some relevant articles from last year's Collaborate conference and the 2014 event are also included to provide further information and context on those topics.

1Stories from the Oracle trenches

One of the main reasons Oracle users come to Collaborate is the opportunity to learn from each other, whether that means sitting in on a presentation or sharing lunch with someone whose company recently went through an Oracle project that's similar to one your organization plans to embark upon. User stories are the foundation of the Collaborate conference experience. The articles in this section come from presentations and interviews at Collaborate 16 and the 2014 event, and they provide examples of Oracle users making the tough decisions to ensure that their IT systems can meet evolving business needs.