• June 05, 2006 05 Jun'06

    Not able to connect with Covus

    We are using a third-party tool (Covus -- used for document labeling). Covus will work with Oracle Client 8.1.7. So I installed Oracle Client 8.1.7 and then Oracle Forms 6i. I am able to connect to Forms and Toad. But when I try to connect to Covus...  Continue Reading

  • June 05, 2006 05 Jun'06

    Need higher JRE version?

    I am trying to run the Oracle Universal Installer (version 10) on a Solaris 10 box and get the following error: "The Java RunTime Environment was not found at bin/java. Hence, the Oracle Universal Installer cannot be run. Please visit http://...  Continue Reading

  • June 05, 2006 05 Jun'06

    Problems encountered during upgrade to 10g

    I'm trying to upgrade from Oracle to Oracle 10g. Can you please tell me the problems I'm likely to encounter during upgrade?  Continue Reading

  • June 05, 2006 05 Jun'06

    OIP-00005 error

    We are migrating our client from Oracle 8.5 to Oracle 9.2. On executing one of the procedures, we receive the following error: "OIP-00005 (Variable is not a)."  Continue Reading

  • June 05, 2006 05 Jun'06

    Upgrading Oracle on Red Hat

    We have Oracle running on Red Hat AS 2.1. We are considering upgrading the operating system to Red Hat AS 3.0 or Red Hat AS 4.0. Oracle appears to be certified on Red Hat AS 3.0 but I'm not sure if there are any steps that need to ...  Continue Reading

  • June 05, 2006 05 Jun'06

    SQL*Forms30 not recognized

    We have recently installed Oracle on Red Hat 7.3. I want to develop a small Forms3 application and have SQL*Forms30 on Solaris, which I've moved across to the machine. However, when I try and run SQL*Forms30 it gives "/home/oracle/bin/...  Continue Reading

  • June 05, 2006 05 Jun'06

    Renaming accounts for security

    Can default database accounts still active in the system be renamed to increase security?  Continue Reading

  • June 02, 2006 02 Jun'06

    Character set name is not recognized

    Would you please guide me on why I am getting these errors when I try to run the below script? ORA-06550: line 1, column 29: PLS-00553: character set name is not recognized, ORA-06550: line 0, column 0: PL/SQL: Compilation unit analysis terminated.  Continue Reading

  • June 02, 2006 02 Jun'06

    Modeling an inheritance relationship in Oracle 9i

    I'm attempting to model a relationship that I can express in PostgreSQL. This represents individual machines that may be combined into clusters, both machines and clusters being resources. What is the preferred way to implement this inheritance in ...  Continue Reading

  • June 02, 2006 02 Jun'06

    Plan for laying out instances before migration

    I am about to migrate multiple Oracle instances. I would like to have a good plan for laying out my instances. In my current configuration, all of the d0* are separate filesystems. I have liked this setup, because all of my tablespaces reside under ...  Continue Reading

  • June 02, 2006 02 Jun'06

    Separating destinations for each instance

    I am planning to enable auditing on my Oracle databases and use external audit trail files. Since I have multiple instances sharing the same Oracle home, should I separate the destinations for each instance into their own directories to avoid file ...  Continue Reading

  • June 02, 2006 02 Jun'06

    One client PC of many won't connect to database

    I have already installed Oracle on many client PCs and I didn't encounter any problems. But there is one client PC that is giving me problems. I cannot connect to the database. It is always giving ORA-12560. The tnsnames.ora is correct. I can also ...  Continue Reading

  • June 02, 2006 02 Jun'06

    ORA-1002 when trying to copy file

    When I was trying to copy a file from a data server to the main server, the following error in a select statement occured: "ORA-1002: Message -1002 not found."  Continue Reading

  • June 02, 2006 02 Jun'06

    Error when dblink connects to database

    I am trying to create a dblink of name "tt" to connect to another database of name "TEST" on the same server. It is giving me the error "ORA-02085: database link tt connects to test."  Continue Reading

  • June 02, 2006 02 Jun'06

    Creating different mount points for production databases

    We are in the process of setting up production databases. There are three databases, db1, db2 and db3, for three different applications. We are supposed to create three different mount points, like /db1, /db2 and /db3, and install the Oracle ...  Continue Reading

  • June 02, 2006 02 Jun'06

    Database link works for a few days then returns an error

    I created a database link, and it worked for two or three days. My next attempt to use it resulted in an ORA-12640 error -- "Authentication Adapter Initialization Failed." I checked the error and found it didn't say specifically what the problem ...  Continue Reading