• January 10, 2006 10 Jan'06

    Cause of ORA-10902 error

    I am trying to create a database on Oracle 9i Server running on Windows 2000 Advanced Server with OLE DB While using the Database Configuration Assistant, I am getting this error: "ORA-10902: Oracle Instance Terminated." What would be the...  Continue Reading

  • January 10, 2006 10 Jan'06

    How do I start the listener service?

    I installed Oracle Developer 9i DS in the C: drive and Oracle8 SQL for NT on the D: drive on a Windows operating system. When I start the Forms Developer and compile it, I get the message "FRM-10142, start the oracle listener." Please tell me how I ...  Continue Reading

  • January 10, 2006 10 Jan'06

    Invalid objects after compilation

    I have successfully installed Oracle 10g on Windows XP. After that, I ran the file catalog.sql. The problem is that some objects in SYS, mainly schema, are invalid and remain invalid after compilation. What can I do?  Continue Reading

  • January 10, 2006 10 Jan'06

    Concerns about quarterly security patches

    My question revolves around the quarterly security patches. I have over 300 databases. We just started creating databases with an eye toward going to 10.2 in the first quarter next year. Should I upgrade my existing ...  Continue Reading

  • January 10, 2006 10 Jan'06

    Error: Not enough disk space

    I did a clean installation of W2K Server with SP2. Now when I'm trying to install Oracle9i, I'm getting the following error message: "Oracle Universal Installer: Error in writing to directory E:Docume~1Admini~1Locals~1TempOraInstall. Please ensure ...  Continue Reading

  • January 10, 2006 10 Jan'06

    "TNS:Could not resolve Service name" error

    I've installed Oracle9i in Windows XP, and when I try to connect through SQL*Plus it gives me an error: "TNS:Could not resolve Service name." I connected using scott and tiger. I even tried through svrmgrl in the command prompt. There I get a ...  Continue Reading

  • January 09, 2006 09 Jan'06

    Necessary to take a cold backup of a temporary tablespace?

    Is it necessary to take a cold backup of a temporary tablespace? According to me it is, but when we shut down the database the SMON process then cleans up the temporary tablespace also?  Continue Reading