• October 28, 2005 28 Oct'05

    Match two words in a column

    I have two tables, and both have a column called full_name. I want to match at least two words in the full name column. For example, "John Alder Smith" and "John F Smith" is a match, while "Peter Duncan Doyle" and "Peter Parker" is not a match.  Continue Reading

  • October 28, 2005 28 Oct'05

    WHERE EXISTS ( SELECT NULL... ) revisited

    In a previous post, you wrote that for an EXISTS clause, it doesn't matter if you use SELECT 'text,' SELECT 1, or SELECT NULL. I have at some point been told that using SELECT NULL for an EXISTS should allocate less memory than selecting a value. ...  Continue Reading

  • October 28, 2005 28 Oct'05


    I have two tables, A1 and A2, and they both have a column called SSn. How will I delete a row from table A2 that doesn't exist on A1?  Continue Reading

  • October 25, 2005 25 Oct'05

    Listener not responding

    We are running Oracle on Sun OS 5.9 and we have been facing serious problems for the last month. Sometimes our listener stops responding. If I check the status of the listener, it shows successfully. But if I reload or start the listener ...  Continue Reading

  • October 25, 2005 25 Oct'05

    Impact of migration from 8i to 9i

    I want to migrate from Sun Solaris 5.8 Oracle Database 8i version (64-bit) to Sun Solaris Oracle Database 9i version (64-bit). Could you please tell me the step-by-step procedure of migration? What will be the impact of migration?  Continue Reading

  • October 25, 2005 25 Oct'05

    Can I run 64-bit and 32-bit Oracle on the same machine?

    Can I have Oracle 64-bit (engine and database) and Oracle 32-bit (engine and database) installed and running on a Solaris 8 (32-bit or 64-bit) machine?  Continue Reading

  • October 25, 2005 25 Oct'05

    ORA-01017 error when connecting through Windows XP client

    I have installed Oracle 10g release 2 (10.2) (custom installation) sucessfully with all the available options. When I connect on the server, everything works, but when I try to connect from Windows XP client using SQL 8 or Forms 6, I get the error "...  Continue Reading