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  • Converting from CHAR to DATE datatype

    As a time value, I used the CHAR datatype and need to convert to a DATE value while manipulating/computing. How do I use the DATE datatype instead?  Continue Reading

  • Input/output errors

    I have the following error:

    ERROR at line 1:
    ORA-01115: IO error reading block from file 2 (block # 2772)
    ORA-01110: data file 2: '/home5/oracle/oradata/lrec_ts_files/lrec.dbf'
    ORA-27091: skgfqio: unable to queue I/O
    ORA-27072: skgfdisp: I...
    				 Continue Reading

  • Migrating from Solaris to Linux

    We need to migrate our Oracle 9.2 database from Sun Solaris to Red Hat Linux. Our datafiles are stored on EMC's SAN. Do we have to use export and import even though we use a centralized storage?  Continue Reading

  • Fatal NI connect error

    I have the following error in my Oracle server: "Fatal NI connect error 12638." I don't understood why because it was working so well before, but today it sent that error.  Continue Reading

  • Database crash during hot backup

    Our Oracle 8.0.4 database crashed while doing a hot backup with CA BrightStor. Now one of our databases will not start. Event viewer shows it starting and then shutting down again. Our dbaora7.log shows that all tables and control files ...  Continue Reading