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Oracle and SQL


    There is a table called Test with three fields. I want to select the maximum sal between the two columns. The expected output is 300, 400, 600 and 800. Please help me to solve this query.  Continue Reading

  • Executing procedures with desktop icon

    I am creating PL/SQL procedures on my local machine and compiling them using Benthic software. Is there a way to invoke/execute these procedures using a desktop icon/link?  Continue Reading

  • Sending spool file as mail attachment

    I need to run a select statement every monday evening at 6, and I need a generated spool file to be sent as a mail attachment to multiple users using PL/SQL, not using a cron tab or shell script.  Continue Reading

  • Instant grouping!

    I have a table with two columns, C1 and C2. I want to create a report so that on grouping C1 it should retrieve as follows. Please help me with the query.  Continue Reading

  • Pattern matching

    I need to query a database for entries that match a pattern of any four characters followed by SDS followed by three numeric characters, but %SDS% gets me too many things. Is there a character that represents only one position instead of any number ...  Continue Reading

  • Moving column values from one table to another

    I have two tables wherein I have to get a string of values from one column of one table and pump the retrieved information into a new column in the other table. How do I do this?  Continue Reading