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Oracle XML

  • Concatenating XML fragments

    Using XMLElement and XMLForest I have created several XML "strings." In a final XMLElement select statement with XMLForest I want to concat the earlier strings within the output of the final statement. Can concat be used within XMLElement or ...  Continue Reading

  • Generating XML from stored procedures

    What are the best ways to generate XML from stored procedures? I have tried using SQLX with version 9i and it works pretty nice. I would like to know if you can recommend any other ways of doing it and suggest which approach has to be taken in what ...  Continue Reading

  • Using XML and Oracle together

    I have been an Oracle DBA for the past eight years but never had a chance to work on XML and Oracle combined. I would be grateful if you could let me know where to start looking to learn more about the advantages of using XML and Oracle together.  Continue Reading

  • Controlling bandwidth used by XML

    XML seems to require more bandwidth for moving data than either text files, standard sql*net connections or even db_links. What would you recommend for controlling the amount of infrastructure bandwidth consumed by use of XML?  Continue Reading