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ora-12638-Credential retrieval failed problem on Oracle

I am facing an ora-12638-Credential retrieval failed problem. It becomes a bit muddled as it involves a WAN as well.

Our Oracle server ( hosted on Windows 2000 Advanced Server) is a standalone server in the domain. The local clients work okay as I have set them with SQL_AUTHENTICATION=(NONE).

However, another Oracle server from a different LAN in the Enterprise WAN needs to connect to our Oracle server. In that server, the SQL_AUTHENTICATION is used as it has another replication setup as well.

In this scenario I have these options:

  1. Join our Oracle server to the domain.
  2. Change the service login to one recognized by the replication server.

Which of these will let the replication server see our server? Is there any thing else that can be done to do away with this problem?

SQL_AUTHENTICATION is not a valid parameter. You probably mean SQLNET.AUTHENTICATION_SERVICES. The description you provide doesn't tell me what authentication adapter you're trying to use with ASO. If you're trying to use Kerberos, then ensure that Kerberos works between the two hosts in question outside of Oracle. I believe that Oracle provides okinit and oklist utilities to verify Kerberos functionality without using the database.

You can also use SQLNET tracing on the clients to determine if they are getting the proper configuration parameter values (or if they ignore parameters due to not having the right adapters installed, for example). The parameters for tracing can be found in the Net Reference guide in the documentation.

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