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iSQL*Plus not running right

I have been running Oracle 9iR2 on Win 2000 for a while. Last week I upgraded my motherboard to one that has an AMD Athelon XP cpu. Since then, iSQL*Plus hasn't run right. I tried reinstalling Apache and that didn't work. I then uninstalled all of Oracle and started over. Still didn't work.

There are problems with the FastCGI.

Since I downloaded the free version of Oracle I don't have any support, I need to know if there is a problem with the AMD cpu I'm using and Oracle's FastCGI.
I don't think I have enough information to really diagnose your issue, but I can suggest that many people find answers (for free) by using the forums available via OTN. There is a forum specifically for iSQL*Plus available here: http://forums.oracle.com/forums/forum.jsp?forum=144 You will likely get better help by posting some errors from your error_log or any log file where you're seeing errors. Since you mentioned there are problems with FastCGI, I presume you're concluding that based on some errors you've seen.

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