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Year values in time dimension contains zeros

In my analysis server cube, the time dimension (Year,Quarter,Month) contains 0 as value for year due to some null values in the TimeDimension field, which is available in the fact table itself. I am using OWC 9.0 Pivot Table to display cube data. How can I hide or remove the 0 value in year level from my cube output either through Cube or through OWC, so that it displays only valid year values like 2001, 2002, etc.?

First, why is your fact table carrying option FK to the time dimension? If the fact has fact attributes about a business transaction, that fact must have occured and must have a time-stamp associated with it. I would focus on fixing the design that is loading the facts.

Second, if addressing the fact is not palatable, consider implementing an architecture-wide standard that distinquishes the difference between zero, not applicable and unknown. For example: if the time is unknown, point the fact to the "unkn" time dimension entry, pick a value for the unkn fk (say -1). If the time is not applicable, point the fact to the "n/a" time dimension entry, pick a value for "n/a" fk (say 0). This way you can set up standard filters that include and/or exclude "unkn" and "n/a" entries across your analysis dimensions.

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