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Writing a query to return invoices that are 30 or 60 days past due

How would I write an SQL query that selects only those invoices that are 30 days or 60 days past due?

I'll assume your table looks like this:

create table Invoices
( InvoiceNo number(9),
  Amount number(11,2),
  OrderDate date,
  DueDate date

You'll want to use a simple where clause to select only those rows where the date 30 (or 60) days after the due date has passed. You would also use a function that would return the current date. In SQL Server, your SQL statement might look like this:

select * from Invoices 
  where DueDate + 30 <= GETDATE();

If you are using Oracle, it might look like this:

select * from Invoices 
  where DueDate + 30 <= sysdate;

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