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Working with Arabic characters in Developer 6i

I've installed Developer 6i Forms and Reports on Windows 2000. I'm using Arabic character set. I've changed the nls_lang to accept the Arabic set, and set the regional setting (control panel) to my location as nls_lang character set, but when I open an old form or create a new form, the Arabic characters are present in a free zone of the form. When I create new buttons or open old form with buttons, the unreadable characters appear instead of any header I tried to write. I tried many fonts but no help... So the problem is that Arabic characters appear good as text headers in free zone of the forms but gives unreadable characters in the label of buttons. Can you help?
There are some very specific rules about which Arabic character sets can be selected, and how to set them up. Use AR8MSWIN1256 with the database character set UTF8. Also, you may want to check that you are using a generic font in your forms, like Arial Unicode MS.

You may want to obtain a copy of MetaLink documents Note 1791333.1 and 137127.1 for additional references.

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