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Why not create tables and indexes in same tablespace?

Why shouldn't we create tables and indexes in the same tablespace?

Why shouldn't we create tables and indexes in the same tablespace?
Why not? I create tables and their indexes in the same tablespace all the time.

It used to be a widely held belief that one would separate tables and their indexes for performance reasons. However, this has been shown to be nothing more than a myth. There has been some evidence that putting indexes in a tablespace with a large block size will improve the performance of the index, but you can put your tables in this same tablespace.

I typically use my tablespaces for managing my database segments. Think of tablespaces like filing cabinets. You might put one set of files in one cabinet and another set in anothe cabinet. For Oracle, I tend to put my application's segments in tablespaces separate from other applications' segments. This way, my applications are not comingled with other applications. If you want to put indexes in a separate tablespace, do so because it makes managing your database easier.

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