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Why isn't my trigger working correctly?

A SearchOracle.com member asks why new values are not getting in the backup table after creating a trigger.

I have created a trigger, but new values are not getting in the backup table. I am given this statement. Please help me.

create or replace trigger "SUPPQUOTES_AUDIT" after update or delete on phsuppquotes for each row begin insert into...

phquotes_audit(cprc_new,suppcode,itemcode,cprc_old,negodt,validdt,userid,TRANDATE) values (:new.cprc,:old.suppcode,:old.itemcode,:old.cprc,:old.negodt,:old.validdt,:old.userid,SYSDATE);

Your code above does not have the following lines:


That may just be an oversight, however.

When you update or delete a record on the phsuppquotes table, what error, if any are you getting? There could be many reasons why your trigger is not working correctly, so error message help. Also, ensure the trigger is firing by changing your INSERT statement to insert just some dummy literal values instead of variable values and then test.

This was last published in January 2008

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