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Why is dblink between two instances on same platform slow?

I am trying to determine why a database link between two instances on the same platform is extremely slow as compared...

to a link to a remote database. I have set the listener and tnsnames to use IPC, but it does not resolve the issue.

IPC should be faster than TCP/IP for communicating with two databases on the same server. The only real way to find out what is causing your problems is to generate a trace of your network traffic. This can be done by adding the following lines to your SQLNET.ORA file:

Then start your process which uses the database link. After that is done, comment out or remove those lines from your SQLNET.ORA file to stop further trace files from being generated.

Now examine the contents of $ORACLE_HOME/network/trace. You'll need to look in the trace files to determine which one was generated by your specific session. This can be done quite easily by using grep on your SQL statements.

Once you have identified the trace file, you'll want to open a TAR with Oracle Support. They can best analyze the contents of your trace file and help you sort out your difficulties.

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This was last published in August 2002

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