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Why is database not functioning when SMON is killed

The SMON does instance recovery, coalescing and cleaning temporary segments. My question is I'm using a locally-managed...

tablespace for a system tablespace. Assume the database is running and now I kill the SMON background process. Why is Oracle not functioning as SMON now has no role to play in the database? * No instance recovery is needed as the database is running. * TABLESPACES are LMT -- no coalescing is needed including system tablespace.

Can you advice on why the database is not functioning when the SMON is killed?
Even though you may not need SMON at any particular point in time, it is a required process like PMON, LGWR, DBWn and CKPT. While you may be using all LMTs, SMON does still have a role to play. It cleans up temporary sort segments. And it also performs recovery if needed. But the real reason that you need this process running is that the Oracle kernel is coded to crash the instance if this process is not running. You can't change this code. Therefore, when you kill SMON, the instance will crash. Leave SMON up and running. It will determine if it has work to do. If it does not have work to do, then it sits there, essentially idle.

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