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Why doesn’t Oracle documentation contain more detail on licensing?

Not finding Oracle documentation on licensing helpful? Expert Scott Rosenberg explains why Oracle licensing documentation may not give as much detail on licensing rules and guidance as you may like.

Aside from asking you, how do we find answers to these sorts of questions on licensing and compliance? The Oracle documentation is (deliberately I feel) useless in explaining this level of detail.

Unfortunately, information is not specific given that scenarios are very different depending upon server type, application, license agreement T&C’s, license level, etc.  Even information found (such as in Oracle’s own software investment guide) should not be relied upon for any valuable business purpose.  In fact, Oracle’s own software investment guide contains a disclaimer (which is also on MOST Oracle public-facing licensing rules and guidance) that states that the information provided CANNOT be used as a basis for any contract or for determining compliance.


This was last published in March 2010

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