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Why does Oracle beat out MySQL in database comparisons?

Why, in the comparison of MySQL and Oracle, does Oracle win all the time?

In my concern we are doing some small scale projects in Web designing and Web programming.

I am working as a DBD (database developer). I was often asked which database to use for my coming projects -- Oracle or MySQL. But we finalized to use Oracle Database.

I know this is an Oracle-related site, but I need your help to know why in the comparison of MySQL and Oracle, Oracle wins all the time (as per my concern). Can I get some details regarding this?

Eager to know your comments or suggestions regarding this.

You can of course Google this question and get a ton of opinions and technical comparisons.

However, the answer really depends on the application and what you are looking for. Oracle, MS SQL Server and DB2 are the major players and are considered enterprise-class RDBMS systems. This means that they are better for larger, mission-critical applications. The primary reasons Oracle is chosen over MySQL in enterprise scenarios is because of its functionality, scalability and maturity.

Of course, all the bells and whistles of Oracle do not come cheaply, which is why MySQL is growing in popularity for small, non-critical applications. MySQL is still a relatively new player with less features and scalability and hence, at least in my opinion, better suited for small, non-critical applications.

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