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Why do I have to start my Oracle database manually?

An Oracle user asks why they are having to start their Oracle database manually using SQL plus.

I noticed that during the Oracle service's start, the database remains closed and I have to open the database manually through SQL plus: "ALTER DATABASE OPEN;" How can I overcome this situation? I also noticed that even if I restart the server the database remains closed. I am using Server Win2003 and Oracle 10g2
There are two possibilities I can see that would be a most likely cause. One, your startup script does not contain STARTUP or STARTUP OPEN. Instead, the startup script contains STARTUP MOUNT. If your startup script only goes to MOUNT stage, it will not continue to the OPEN stage. Two, your database is encountering an error when going from MOUNT stage to OPEN stage. If such an error occurs, it will be noted in your Alert log. Examine your Alert log for any clues as to why the database cannot be opened.
This was last published in June 2008

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