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Why are DBAs ignoring my data model?

I am a data modeler, and I have a question. I model an interface file that we receive to go into eight entities. Our DBA group is electing to create just one big file from the interface and basically ignore my model. Why do you think that is? I have worked with DBAs, and they are relunctant to follow the model when doing implementation. I know your background is as a DBA, but try to be objective :=)

What are some good reasons to ignore my model and just create one big file?

Typically, I never ignore a good data model. A good data model is the start to a well designed application. Why not just store all of your data into one big table? The answer there should be obvious. Why not store each and every piece of data into its own, seperate table? Again, the answer should be obvious. So one has to meet in the middle.

When creating data models, I always strive to make sure that things are in Third Normal Form (3NF). A great majority of the time, you can't go wrong if 3NF is followed. But once in a while, it makes sense to denormalize some tables. In other words, take a few tables and store them all as one logical entity. This is primarily done for performance reasons when the tables in question will always be joined together anyway.

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