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Why am I receiving an error during an Oracle 9i installation?

I have installed Windows 98 and Windows 2000 advance server on my personal PC. On the 2000 advance server, I had previously installed Oracle 9i -- the installation was perfect. Unfortunately, I had to uninstall it a while back. In trying to restart it, and I received an error, "TNS-12571 packet writer failure." I then tried to remove the third CD. Once again, I tried to create a database from the Database Configuration Assistant, but after 46% job completion I got the same error. It successfully copies the data files, but when connecting to instance it gives me error. What am I doing wrong?
I've seen this error happen when users configure some sort of packet filter or firewall on their workstation. Make sure you disable any sort of firewall filtering and try again. If that fixes your problem, then you'll definitely want to re-enable your firewall, but set up exclusions for the ports that your Oracle configuration uses (1521 probably, at a minimum).

If that doesn't resolve your problems, then you'll probably want to use the DBCA to generate scripts (and not create the database itself). Then, you can run the scripts and see where the error occurs more easily.

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