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Why am I getting an Oracle error when issuing the RECOVER DATABASE command?

An Oracle user asks why they are getting an error when issuing the RECOVER DATABASE command.

Whenever I am using the command 'RECOVER DATABASE' to recover my database it is giving the error:

'ORA-00283: recovery sessions cancelled due to errors'
'ORA-00322: log 3 of thread 1 is not current copy'
'ORA-00312: online log 3 thread 1:'/oracle/oracle7//dbs/log3WG73.dbf'

Can you help me?

It looks like your only option is to perform incomplete recovery. Recover until cancel and cancel right before attempting to apply recovery with this online redo log. Then open the database with the RESETLOGS option. This will clear the online redo logs.

Before attempting such recovery, I always backup my database files and online redo logs files. That way, if I screw something up, I can go back to the point right before I attempted recovery and try again. I also take a backup after recovery is complete since I wont want to go through this process again should another failure occur.

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