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Whether to use stored procedures or embedded SQL

We're developing a client server Java application using a dedicated Oracle database. Could you please give us advice on whether to use stored procedures or embedded SQL (in Java)? I beleive that stored procedures will be a better choice, but other team members do not agree with me. Can you help?

I'm not real sure that I can help you too much. Java is nice because you can run the procedure both inside and outside of the database. Java also has much more functionality than PL/SQL stored procedures. But PL/SQL stored procedures are more "native" to the database and tend to run faster. Which is a better choice? The answer is that it all depends. It would be worthwhile to investigate the pros and cons and then make your decision. Your choice depends on which pros/cons you value the most in your application. Since I do not have that information, I cannot help you make any more of a decision.

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