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Where to find Oracle local security policy

I cannot find the local security policy ANYWHERE in my control panel on my machine running Windows XP Home Edition.

You answered a question that I also have:

QUESTION POSED ON: 13 December 2006 After I installed Oracle 10g, I found the host credential in database control (em) doesn't work. It always returns: "RemoteOperationException: ERROR: Wrong password for user." I am sure the host login is system administrator login and it is correct. Could you give me some direction?

Thanks for directing me (via the documentation) to local security policy. I cannot find local security policy ANYWHERE in my control panel on my machine running Windows XP Home Edition with Norton Antivirus installed. Is it possible to set this from the command line? Is it possible to set this in XP Home Edition?

Ensure that the accounts sysman and dbsnmp are not locked within the database. Some accounts are locked by default upon database creation. If they are locked, unlock the accounts, and it's also a good idea to change the passwords. If this is not the issue, it is possible that the OS user has not received the Local Security privilege 'Log on as a batch job.' For more information on this, refer to the Oracle Database 10g Release 2 (10.2) Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows (32-Bit).

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