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Where did all the CLOBs go?

I'm new to Oracle's Enterprise Manager Console, and I'm trying to view a table that contains a column/field that is of CLOB datatype. It appears the OEM Console automatically hides CLOB datatype columns. I've heard of other database-viewing software that easily displays this datatype's data (i.e., Quest's Toad), but do you know how I can make this happen in the OEM Console software? All search results I come up with include discussion of XML types. Is there an easier way to view this data within the console software? Thanks for any help.
Oracle's Enterprise Manager was not meant to be a tool to interactively view the data in your tables. Quest's Toad is a much better product in this regard. In Oracle 10g, you cannot even open a table to view its contents in Enterprise Manager. Oracle would prefer you to use SQL*Plus or iSQL*Plus instead. If these tools are too cumbersome for you to use, then look for a third-party tool like Toad.

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