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Where can I get information on designing accounting systems?

Where can I get information on designing accounting systems?

One of the best books I've seen lately on designing systems is: "Software engineering with Oracle, best practices for mission critical systems," by Elio Bonazzi, ISBN013020091-3. Other than that, I'd take a look at what software is available. For this, you can use FindAccountingSoftware.com, an independent accounting software directory.

Accounting systems range from relatively simple to very complex. Define your scope carefully. Are you new to accounting systems, systems design or both? Do you have an IT organization behind you to dedicate to the task?

The design of an accounting system will be tied to how you design and implement the accounting structure. Will it be a system defined structure, or will you allow some flexibility for the customer?

Is this a custom design? Will it be proprietary to that client? Or does it need to be effective for many clients?

There is a need for DBAs and developers to support the existing financial, supply chain, e-commerce and business intelligence applications which run on an Oracle database.

Check out Oracle Technical Network.

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Try reading a free ebook on accounting database design. It has some basic guideline on modular entity relationship for a simple accounting system
Try reading a book on Accounting Database Design from Smashwords. It encapsulates some designing concepts for a simple accounting systems.