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When to develop an index

On what basis should someone consider developing an index for an Oracle database?
The following information comes from the "Oracle application developer's guide -- Fundamentals" documentation (chapter 5):

Use the following guidelines for determining when to create an index:

  • Create an index if you frequently want to retrieve less than 15% of the rows in a large table. The percentage varies greatly according to the relative speed of a table scan and how clustered the row data is about the index key. The faster the table scan, the lower the percentage; the more clustered the row data, the higher the percentage.
  • Index columns used for joins to improve performance on joins of multiple tables.
  • Primary and unique keys automatically have indexes, but you might want to create an index on a foreign key; see Chapter 4, "Maintaining data integrity through constraints" for more information.
  • Small tables do not require indexes; if a query is taking too long, then the table might have grown from small to large.
  • Some columns are strong candidates for indexing. Columns with one or more of the following characteristics are candidates for indexing:

  • Values are relatively unique in the column.
  • There is a wide range of values (good for regular indexes).
  • There is a small range of values (good for bitmap indexes).
  • The column contains many nulls, but queries often select all rows having a value. In this case, a comparison that matches all the non-null values, such as:
  • WHERE COL_X > -9.99 *power(10,125)

    is preferable to


    This is because the first uses an index on COL_X (assuming that COL_X is a numeric column).

    Columns with the following characteristics are less suitable for indexing:

  • There are many nulls in the column and you do not search on the non-null values.
  • LONG and LONG RAW columns cannot be indexed.
  • The size of a single index entry cannot exceed roughly one-half (minus some overhead) of the available space in the data block. Consult with the database administrator for assistance in determining the space required by an index.

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