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What to do as the only Oracle DBA in the company

I'm a certified DBO (8i). I am the only Oracle DBA for an insurance company. All our databases (SQL server mostly) should be migrated in Oracle. We are using Oracle 8.1.7. I would like to know how to keep my job!? What resources should I used? How to organize my day? What should be my DBA cheklist and on what to focus my attention?

Sounds like they have to keep you if you're the only Oracle qualified person! So...first take a breath and don't worry! Take a look at the following link: http://www.dbatoolbox.com/WP2001/beginners/DBA_Checklist.pdf. It's a paper called "DBA Checklist" written by Thomas B. Cox, with Christine Choi. It gives details for performing daily, weekly and monthly checks of the status of your Oracle databases. All the SQL and PL/SQL code for the listed checks is also provided. This might help you get organized a bit for starters.

I'd also suggest that you do a bit of Web searching (starting with this site) and I think you can find tons of good sites that can give you more info, sample scripts to help you out, etc. Good luck!

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