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What to do after hiring an unqualified candidate

I found someone very qualified who was hired per my recommendation. Another person was totally not qualified but was hired anyway. What do I do next?

Recently, I was asked to review several resumes and tech interview possible candidates. I requested and received the specific job requirements for each of the two different positions. In order to make sure that I would be objective and fair, I devised a technical questions list tailored for each of the two positions. I found and tech interviewed one person who turned out to be very qualified and who was hired per my recommendation. Another person was totally not qualified but was hired against my recommendation, into a key position that can cause a mountain of problems should they push the wrong button. The question is, what do I do next?

That is a tough question to answer and a tough scenario to fully gauge, but I will give it my best shot:

Unfortunately, I believe you may have already done everything you can do. If your concern is that you anticipate that this person will mess something up, there isn't much you can do until that time comes. You have made your recommendation to not hire this candidate, so you have essentially done your part. If your recommendation was overridden by HR for some reason (other than technical), then I suggest you accept it and move on.

When and if the time comes, I do not suggest you take the "I told you so" attitude. However, as a CYA, I do suggest you save any correspondence you may have had concerning the matter just in case this fact is somehow "forgotten" over time. In the meantime, if this person is a co-worker or direct report, do what you can to lead them in the right direction and if necessary, have somebody double-check their work. Again, you have to be a bit inconspicuous about this as you run the risk of said person claiming they are being singled out or discriminated against (a definite HR no-no).

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